La Montana Cloudburst Candle


It’s been a while since I featured a candle – in fact, other than brief mentions in other posts, the last candle post was before Christmas, which is definitely longer than I thought.  The reason for this is because I still tread quite carefully around Teddy and tend to only get candles on the go when he’s out and I’m home, which isn’t often.  However, when I do get the chance to get a candle going, it’s almost always something from La Montana.


La Montana are my absolute favourite candle brand, and have been since I first experienced their amazing creations (with Alfredo’s Cafe being my all-time favourite candle – check out my feature here from almost 2 years ago) so I’m always eager to try any new additions to the collection.  La Montana create candle fragrances with stories found in the Spanish mountain village where they originate from.  Consequently, every candle is like an experience, designed to evoke an atmosphere that you’d find were you to visit the village.  Cloudburst is a really good example of this, as the fragrance is inspired by “the mountainside after a summer storm,” so the notes are mostly a mix of herbs and citrus with an additional clean note that’s tricky to pinpoint, but it groups the scent together to a crisp and bright finish.


Cloudburst is the sort of candle you’d burn as a finisher when you’ve done a spring clean (or if you’re like me and have never done a spring clean in your life, then just after you’ve done a quick 10 minute tidy job) as it’s such a lovely clean scent – I’m aware I keep using the word ‘clean’ but it’s because it really does feel like it cleans the air! It’s the perfect fragrance for the warmer months too as it’s light enough to sit well with lazy, easy evenings lounging around in the heat; to me, the notes work really well with sunshine as they’re so clean light and bright.  You can find La Montana’s Cloudburst here – link – for £35, or there’s also a mini version here – link – for £16.  It’s also featured in a fabulous little set with two other great fragrances here – link – for £35.

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