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Colourful hair seems to be everywhere at the moment, and I love, love, loooove seeing people who have really committed to it, sporting bright and brilliant hues of pink and aquamarine, it’s just so enticing to stare at! My approach to pretty much everything is ‘keep it casual’, so when I was invited along to try out the new L’Oreal Professional #ColorfulHair, I was keen to find a way to try out the colours whilst fitting it into my casual style.


My appointment was with the amazing Johanne Herald at Charles Worthington who is my absolutely favourite stylist and colourist by a million miles; I’m very fortunate that I get to visit some of the very best salons in London, and whilst most experiences are very positive and I usually leave with great hair, Jo has the skill, talent, creativity and enthusiasm that leaves everyone else standing.  I always love whatever she does to my hair and I’m always very excited to visit her – she is truly amazing and even my mum sees her now! Jo and I decided to lift the overall blonde to give the colour a better chance to shine through, before adding what we called “Peekaboo Pastelage” which involved using the Pink Sorbet and Electric Purple shades to create a gradient effect under the top layer of my hair, so it would just peek out and randomly appear with the movement of my hair.


There are seven, vibrant shades of the L’Oreal Professional #ColorfulHair – Pink Sorbet, Sunset Coral, Hypnotic Magenta, Electric Purple, Caribbean Blue, Iced Mint and Navy Blue – as well as the Crystal Clear shade, which allows each colour to be watered down so various levels of brightness can be achieved depending on your preference, which of course allows for a great gradient.  They are semi-permanent so they made evenly and don’t leave your colour looking washed-out and dull, plus they can lost up to 12 washes.  My hair has never been able to hold colour so it only lasted about 4 washes on me, but keep in mind I use products designed to cleanse and volumise, both of which are renowned for stripping colour.


I did a rubbish job at capturing the majority of the colour around the sides and back (perils of living alone – nobody to take pictures for me!) but I sneakily stole the images Jo put on her Instagram here.  As you can see, Jo lifted to the top section of my hair and pinned it out the way, then went through and added alternative streaks of pink and purple, which she faded out towards the end.  The result was a striking yet subtle look that was bright, yet hidden and very adaptable – left loose, the colour peeked through as I moved, but I could pin my hair up and have a full head of colour.  This is a great option for anyone who wants the flexibility or who needs a slightly more demure look for work.


The L’Oreal Professional #ColorfulHair  is a great, low commitment way to try out new colour that’s fun, playful and leaves hair looking renewed.  You might notice the shine in the pics which is courtesy of L’Oreal Professional Smart Bond, a treatment you can get within your colour that I’ll be reviewing soon.  The L’Oreal Professional #ColorfulHair starts at £15 and you can book in with Jo at Charles Worthington here – link – or find your nearest L’Oreal salon here – link.

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