Mask Monday: Goldfaden Facial Detox Clarify + Clear Mask


I think deep cleansing masks are my favourite as I love the feeling of using a product that’s drawing out all the grime and grease to leave skin completely clean.  However, over the past few months I’ve started treading more carefully with what sort of products I use, avoiding anything too harsh or abrasive and instead trying to use things that are as effective as possible without being too aggressive.  This means I’ve mostly avoided clays that leave skin feeling really dry and this has meant I’ve had to pick carefully what deep cleansing masks I use.


The Goldfaden Facial Detox Clarify + Clear Mask is a perfect example of a product that packs a good, solid punch without leaving skin feeling as though it’s been sucked dry.  As soon as I found out more about the ingredients included, I knew I would like this; Zinc Oxide, Sulfur and Camphor are the key ingredients, all of which are great for reducing inflammation plus salicylic acid for spot-fighting, all of which sit in a mousse-like formula that feels brilliant on the skin – this is a product that’s so different to the usual spot-fighting, deep-cleansing masks you find, as this feels a lot lighter and kind of like a cream mask going on, then when removed skin feels thoroughly soothed, cleansed and looks cleaner and brighter.


I absolutely love anything with Sulfur as I think it’s an ingredient that’s amazing on spots – whenever I use it I always notice a difference very quickly – and I really love the fact that this has clearly been formulated to tread gently with tricky skin.  It isn’t the cheapest at £58, but you do only need a thin layer (or you can also use it as a spot-treatment, presumably either in the same fashion as a mask or overnight) and it is the sort of product that’s handy to have around for breakouts regardless of your skin type as I can’t imagine it causing problems for anyone…although, of course, always patch test if you have reactive skin! You can find it at Space NK here – link – and Cult Beauty here – link.

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