Debbie Thomas Illuminate 50% Discount #FriendsDayOut (London Only)


Just looking at that picture above is making me crave a laser treatment.  Is that a little odd? Probably! A topic I get asked a lot about is treatments, specifically facials and I always answer, that if your budget allows, the place to go for a seriously skin transforming facial is the Debbie Thomas Skin Clinic in Chelsea.  It’s the place where the A List visit for their pre-event treatments and, having been lucky enough to visit on a couple of occasions, I can completely understand why – the changes are quick and impressively mega.  That’s right, MEGA.  I’m not sure I’ve ever used the word ‘mega’ in a post before, but that’s what the DT treatment are.  Unfortunately, prices start at around £200 and go up to £650 for a single treatment, so they’re not really designed to be budget-friendly, which makes sense considering the location and clientele.  However, there is a considerably more accessible way to experience the DT magic, thank to the recently launched Debbie Thomas Illuminate at Harvey Nichols.

The Debbie Thomas Illuminate options are basically entry level DT treatments, with each one designed to target a particular issue (whereas the original treatments are more inclusive), take a very short time and cost around the £80 mark.  There are loads of options available depending on your needs (such as Calm Me, Sooth Me, Oxygenate and Illuminate and SOS Breakout Blitz to give you an idea) and there’s a current promotion on that makes them even more accessible…assuming you have friends.  For July and August 2017 you can bring a friend along and both get 50% off your treatment, so it’s kind of like you’re going halves on a treatment but each getting the full shebang.   You can use this offer up to 3 times over the two months too, so you’ve really got the potential to make some great skin progress without spending a fortune.  The only thing you need to do to benefit from the discount is either check-in to Illuminate on Facebook, or tag @DThomasIlluminate on either Instagram or Twitter using hashtag #IlluminatedSkin or #FriendsDayOut.  I thought I’d flag this up as it’s a really good deal for some great treatments, so it’s well worth taking advantage of. Find out more here – link.


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