Pretty Summer Trainers (especially for those on a budget)

Definitely a different one for me today, as I don’t tend to talk about clothing much on the blog, but I wanted to dip in occasionally as I do spend an awful lot on clothing; specifically accessories and add-ons, as I like my basics and I tend to stick to a summer uniform of easy t-shirts and skinny jeans (particularly loving these cropped ones from ASOS here – link – they’re awesome if you have little legs like me as you can get the shorter length that sit just above the ankle) and shoes-wise I usually stick to ballet pumps or trainers.


However, I find trainers can look a bit lazy with jeans, so I’ve spent the last few months hunting down some trainers or lace-up pumps that are a little bit prettier and work more as a casual, day-to-day look, rather than sporty, which is something I’m definitely not! With that in mind, I’ve got three great pairs that are all cheap and cheery that’ll see you through the summer months.

First-up are these baby pink plimsoles that I picked up on eBay.  These are the most dainty of the three I have that look really cute and feminine on.  They work with all styles of jeans, but I like them best with skinnies, especially the cropped ones above.


The great thing about these is that they’re available in a good selection of colours, and as they’re so cheap, you can afford to buy a few pairs to mix and match with various outfits.  These are the lightest of the three, so really well suited to anyone who wants something light and airy to wear in the warmer months.  They’re here, starting at £1.99 (depending on what colour you go for) – link.


New Look do a fantastic range of trainers that’ll literally suit every taste, whether you like them bright or understated, they’ve got you covered.  These embroidered ones are the ones I reach for most at the moment, as not only are they pretty and the right side of casual, they’re also extremely comfy – I realise that sounds a bit ridiculous as what trainers aren’t comfy? But believe me, there are plenty that aren’t!


Annoyingly I can’t actually find the exact ones but I know that they were around the £25 mark – isn’t it funny that the New Look ones are the most expensive in this list when clearly New Look is a budget brand? I’ve found a similar style here – link – but seriously, if pretty trainers are your thing, have a good look at the site as they have loads, many of which are in the sale at the mo.


These Boohoo jewelled trainers are the most blingy of my trio, but they’re also the most sporty in look, which is weird, but there you go! These are my least used of the three as I can’t quite fit them in anywhere but I think they’d work best for casual nights out at the pub – I just find them a bit too OTT for day wear, but I am extremely casual!


Boohoo are a great budget shop who have a fabulous stock of similar style trainers; these are available in black and white and I kind of wish I’d gone for the black as I don’t really wear white trainers – not sure what I was thinking there! These are £22 here – link.


Don’t forget to pick-up some trainer socks like these! I do sometimes go barefoot in trainers, but my feet don’t really sweat that much so I’m quite lucky.  Even so, it still feels weird wearing them without socks so I recommend picking up some of these (5 for £8 here – link) to have on standby, just in case.  Also, don’t forget to check out places like Primark and H&M for some great budget trainers – there are so many variants available, I think everyone should have at least one pair!

*Purchased by me



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