Quick Pick Tuesday: Linziclips


Linziclips are cute, handy, well-designed hair clips that are useful if you’re like me and like to wear your hair up a lot, as they’re very easy to use and comfortable to wear.  They’re available in a host of designs and three different sizes depending on what your needs are.


They’ve been designed with a hidden springs so the metal doesn’t intrude on the attractiveness of the design.  They’re also non-slip and cylindrical, so they grab the hair effectively without pulling too tight, s so they’re great for quickly pinning hair out of the way.


The smallest size are the Minis which are pretty small at 1.75cms.  They’re great for half-up styles, or just grabbing the front hair that’s most likely to fall in your face.  They’re also great for pinning hair into curls when you’re going for beachy waves – a bit of salt spray on damp hair that’s then pinned into loose knots with these and left for an hour or two will give great wave.


The Midis are 3.5cms in size and are the ones I reach for most.  I think most people would get on well with this size as it’s big enough to pink a lot of hair out of the way – I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and I can fit pretty much all of it into the Midi size Linziclip.


The largest size is the Maxi, which, at 8cms, is pretty huge and probably only suited to those with a lot of thick hair – I found it too big for me, but that isn’t too say it didn’t get used as I still happily bung all my hair up into a scruffy bun with this, but only when I’m at home! The great thing about the Linziclips, other than the practical elements mentioned above, is that there are so many great designs ranging from shades of brown and black for formal/workwear to vivid and playful designs for a more casual look. Check out the full collection here – link. You can find them on Amazon here – link – where the price point is around a fiver.

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