Smith & Cult Book of Eyes, B-Line Eye Pen and Lash Dance Mascara


Last year we welcomed the arrival of a range of eye make-up from beautiful nail line Smith & Cult, but in the madness of my home move I managed to completely neglect to feature the products.  Normally I would give it a miss as I’m so late to the party, but I couldn’t not feature these, especially the liner and mascara, since they are truly fantastic and need to be shouted about.


I think most people will have jumped on the Book of Eyes, which are stunningly presented eyeshadow quads that honestly look so chic and pretty and currently come in four colourways: Soft Shock (greens and greys), Noonsuite (pictured – autumnal hues), Mannequin Moves (cooler neutrals) and finally Interlewd (purples and plums).  I love the off-kilter layout of the shadows and the whole overall vibe perfectly matches the Smith & Cult reputation of being a little edgy and a little bit different.  These are £34 each here – link.


As I mentioned in the intro, the products I’ve really enjoyed using are the B-Line Eye Pen and the Lash Dance Mascara, both of which impressed me tremendously.  The B-Line Eye Pen is available in three shades – The Shhh (brown), Rush to Whisper (grey) and Still Riot (black) which is the one I have.  These are the perfect size for easy application, which is drastically helped by the perfect nib that’s soft enough to move and give, but not so soft that it’ll create that jagged, uneven look that some overly soft liners do.  The formula itself is black and opaque, making it extremely quick and easy to draw a fine, even line.  I’ve had this for quite a while and it’s only just started to dry out; it was easily my most reached for liner from the moment I started using it.  You can find it here – link – for £21.  “All new mascaras are good mascaras,” is what I was told ages ago by a makeup artist and I’m definitely in agreement most of the time, but if a new mascara has a rubbish brush or a watery formula then it’s newness isn’t going to make much difference! The Lash Dance mascara formula is spot-on: not too thick, not too watery, easy to remove yet doesn’t smudge, but the brush itself is what makes it, as it grips every lash and really pulls at them, so you’re left with lashes coated in an even layer of mascara that fan out perfectly.  Again, this is a brilliant product and one I’d really recommend trying.  It’s £24 here – link.

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