Three Cleansers To Try From Sönd Skincare, ESPA and Skinfix


I do love a good cleanser as there’s just something so therapeutic about the whole cleansing experience – it’s the first step in a great skincare routine, but it’s also an enjoyable product to use, so with that in mind, I thought I’d share three cleansers I’ve been trying lately, each of which offer something a little bit different.


First up there’s the the Sönd Skincare Gentle Daily Cleanser, which is a great option if you’re someone who struggles with sensitive skin, or if you’ve been overdoing it – either with acids or in the sun – and need something that will calmly and kindly cleanse skin.  This has a pretty, natural fragrance, leaves skin feeling clean and lightly hydrated and also can be used either as a milk or a wash-off cleanser depending on your preference.  It’s a great cleanser to have around regardless of your skin type, as we all get those days when skin is feeling a bit reactive, and this is a perfect product for using during those times.  It’s £22 here – link.


Next up is the ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser, which I’ve reviewed previously here, but I wanted to include it as it’s such a lovely product that is a total joy to use.  It’s basically a rich, balmy cleanser that contains tiny beads that are completely circular (so not at all scratchy) which allows you to give skin a lovely, nourishing exfoliation without angering or hurting it in any way.  This is another great one to have around when your skin needs a little bit more of a pamper than a quick and basic cleanse.  It’s £31 here – link.


Finally the Skinfix Foaming Oil Cleanser is part of a really lovely range of Skinfix products that focus on rehydrating skin, so a great collection for skin that’s prone to dehydration.  This particular cleanser, I feel, fills a bit of a gap in the market as it’s a silky, creamy product that gives you the the pleasure of such textures, but it also builds in to a very light foam that’ll ensure skin feels really, deeply cleansed after use.  Foaming cleansers can be a bit controversial, but this one isn’t in any way soapy so it doesn’t strip the skin at all.  It’s £14.99 here – link – although the packaging looks quite different, for some reason!

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