A Couple of Fab Zoeva Brushes

Brushes really are my undoing, I just cannot get enough of them; I was unpacking last night (I moved in January, judge away…) and I found a brush set that I’d forgotten about, with virtually nothing new to offer that I didn’t have already in use, but I’m so excited to use them all! I love, love, love brush sets, but I also really love singles as I find selecting individual brushes makes you think more about how you’re going to use them.  With that in mind, here are a couple of Zoeva singles that make regular (and often daily) appearances in my make-up routine.

The Zoeva Luxe Grand Powder (090) is the perfect brush for powder application as it’s dense enough to pick up plenty of product, soft enough to apply the product in an airbrushed finish and firm enough to ensure that the product is worked into the skin (rather than just placed upon) yet not so firm that it’ll remove handy work underneath, therefore making it exactly spot-on for applying finishing powder.  Handily, you can also use it to buff in a layer of powder foundation for additional coverage too, making it a versatile investment.  It’s £21.50 here – link.

The Concealer Buffer (142) is exactly as it sounds; a brush designed to help you buff in concealer, and it’s absolutely brilliant at it! It’s the ideal size for a variety of concealer tasks and application techniques, meaning you can use one brush to do it all, and it’s such a bargain for such a handy brush.  I use this for concealing individual spots, blending and buffing concealer on larger areas of pigmentation and also for working concealer into the under eye area – it really does excel at all three.  It’s £8.50 and available in several shades, although I can’t seem to find my black one, so check out the rose gold one here instead – link.

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