5 IT Cosmetics Products We Need in the UK!

IT Cosmetics are easily up there in my list of all-time favourite beauty brands, which is especially handy since they’re finally gaining a solid UK presence.  However, whilst they’re doing brilliantly over here, they’re massive in (their native) America, so The States have all these amazing products with no whisper of a UK launch as yet.  The worst thing you can do with a brand that really excites you is to visit their Instagram page…but I did and I’m now consumed with beauty lust.  Here are five (out of many) products I’m looking forward to coming to the UK:

The Bye Bye Lines Foundation doesn’t immediately sound like something someone with my skin might go for – I’ve got pretty much every skin complaint you can think of, but thankfully lines aren’t too bad yet – but I follow a lot of American blogs and they are raving about how amazing this foundation is: check it out here – link.

I don’t often reach for setting powder as I find they can make my skin look quite dry and flat if I’m not careful, but I love the original Bye Bye Pores powder, so I can’t wait for the launch of the Bye Bye Pores Illumination, which promises to add “natural looking illumination without glitter or shimmer”, YES PLEASE! Here it is – link.

IT Cosmetics concealers are phenomenal and I use the Bye Bye Undereye Concealer for blemishes as it’s so creamy and pigmented, so I can’t wait for the Bye Bye Breakout to come our way, since it promises full coverage as well as a host of fantastic spot-fighting ingredients (sulfur, zinc, AHA, BHA, tea tree as well as a few others)  to treat the spot whilst covering it – find out more here – link.

The Bye Bye Redness Moisturizer just sounds like it’s going to be phenomenal for my skin type; it basically sounds like it’ll provide a soothing dose of hydration in a green formula that’ll calm both the look and feel of redness and inflammation – I can’t wait to try this and I bet it will make for an amazing primer.  This is where you’ll find more info – link.

Finally, the Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream actually is over here already, but it’s in a shade that’s far too dark for me, whereas in the US they have a paler shade (and a darker shade) available alongside the original; people swear by this product and it sounds like it would be ideal for my skin type, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it ASAP! Find it here – link.


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