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There have been a few tampon/sanitary towel delivery services around for the last couple of year and it appears to be a bit of a thing now.  Most of them are pretty good, albeit a tad frilly and fussy, which not everyone wants during their period – I personally just want to get through it as quickly, easily and fuss-free as possible; the less I can acknowledge it, the happier I am!


Yoppie is an interesting take on the tampon delivery service as it’s taken away all the faff and turned it into exactly what you need – a service that arrives just in time for your period each month with a selection of tampon sizes (depending on what you’ve asked for) that come delivered in a box slim enough to fit through your letterbox.


You sign-up to Yoppie, pick a date for your delivery (I timed mine around a few days before my period is due, just to err on the side of caution) then you decide what sort of tampon selection you want; you get 18 tampons in a choice of three sizes – Mini, Regular and Super – all of which are organic, and you can decide to have an equal mix of each, or less and more of whichever sizes you’d prefer more or less of.  I personally would like the option to have a few more tampons for each cycle as I didn’t find 18 to be enough – it’s fine for the main event, but I could always do with some extra Mini tampons to address that annoying intro and outro phase of a day or two.


One thing I really like about the service is that the first delivery comes with a handy little case for storing and travelling with a few tampons, which is a lot more preferable to having them loose.  I also like the charity element behind the brand; for every month you receive a Yoppie delivery, a box is also donated to females in developing countries.  I think it’s so easy to focus in on the major issues surrounding those living in these countries (and quite rightly, obviously!) that it’s easy to forget just how awful it would be to have a period and no access to sanitary protection, with the consequence being that these women are forced to stay at home for the duration of their period.  I really like the whole Yoppie ethos; it’s a caring company with a conscience, delivering decent products for a very reasonable price.  There are various plans available to suit your budget (obviously the longer you commit, the cheaper it works out on a monthly basis) with prices starting at £8 a month if paid monthly. Head here – link – for more info.

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