Philip Kingsley Summer Solutions

Philip Kingsley products were my first, luxury hair love – they do these fabulous little travel kits that are fantastic value, and I used to buy the volume one every month or two.  Earlier this year, they launched a collection of products aimed at maintaining, treating and styling summer hair.

Sun Shield is literally sun protection for your hair, which is such a great idea as I think we can easily forget that whilst our skin needs all the help it can get when the blistering sun is out in full force, so does our hair. It’s in a handy spray and you can apply it to wet or dry hair.  It’s £22 here – link.  Swim Cap is similar to Sun Shield, but it’s more for the swimmers who want to protect their hair, so it provides a level of protection from UV rays, whilst also guarding against damage from chlorine and salt water.  It’s £15 here – link. The After-Sun Scalp Mask is a post-sun treatment that’ll help counteract any damage from too much sun exposure, much like a more traditional after-sun, specifically if you’ve burnt your scalp, which is so uncomfortable so this product would be an essential.  It’s £17 here – link.

Instant Beach is a really interesting product, as whilst it’s main purpose is to provide salty, beachy texture, it also conditions hair, so the effect is soft texture rather than anything crispy which you often get with these types of texturising sprays. This is another product you can use on wet or dry hair and it’s £22 here – link.  If you just buy one Philip Kingsley product, make it the cult Elasticizer and now there’s the beautifully fragranced Coconut Breeze version which is just so summery and holiday-worthy.  You use Elasticizer as a pre-shampoo deep conditioner and believe me, hair will feel phenomenal after use, regardless of whether you have very fine or very thick hair, this will add vitality and strength to your hair and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who used it and didn’t immediately add it to their regular use list.  The tub is 150ml which is £33, but if you want to go for a smaller version there’s also 75ml for £19.50, both of which can be found here – link.

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