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The Revlon Pro One Step Dryer and Styler is a handy all-in-one tool that is marketed as a product that’ll allow you to dry and style in one go, thus saving time and effort.  I’m horrendously lazy when it comes to hair styling (thankfully since going short this works to my advantage, as it seems the less effort I make, the better my hair looks) and I dread drying my hair as I find it a real chore, so I was looking forward to trying this tool.

Revlon Pro One Step Hairdryer and StylerPIN IT

The Revlon Pro One Step Dryer and Styler is a pretty heavy device that has a large paddle brush where the air comes out.  It’s a plug-in product with two heat settings and one cool shot.  It’s very easy to use – literally plug it in, turn it on and start drying.  I find the lowest heat setting more than enough for my hair, which is fine but there’s quite a bit of it and it can take a while to dry.

Revlon Pro One Step Hairdryer and StylerPIN IT

You can absolutely use this alone as a hair dryer and styler, but I think it will take you just as long to dry it as it would via more conventional methods, which is a little bit harder as it’s quite a heavy device.  I find either leaving my hair to dry post-wash for half an hour, or giving it a 5 minute blast with my hairdryer first (rough dry) makes all the difference and allows me to do the final stages of drying with the Revlon Pro One Step Dryer and Styler without spending ages trying to dry it from soaking wet.  Another tip I would say is to move it very slowly through and don’t worry too much about de-tangling first, as I think a bit of tangle gives the device something to work with and stops it sliding straight the way through.


The Revlon Pro One Step Dryer and Styler is something I am using regularly, so on that basis I would recommend it as I especially like the fact that it straightens and smooths without reducing any volume or lift, so you get the best of both worlds – I often find straightening devices take out all the body from my hair leaving it flat as a pancake, but thankfully that wasn’t an issue here.  I also found the heat settings just right – not so hot that they feel like they’re burning my hair (I really hate that!) but definitely hot enough to add style, remove kinks and, most importantly, actually dry hair.  This is currently a Boots Exclusive for £49.99 which I think is quite a bit, but it is a good quality, well made product that also comes with a 4 year guarantee.  Find it here – link.

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  • Nicky
    August 23, 2017

    I love this hair product! It looks pretty convenient since I also dread drying my hair especially if I am running out of time! 🙂

    • Sascha
      August 23, 2017

      It is really handy!

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