The Jojoba Skin Company Absolute Serum, Australian Jojoba and Hydrating Day Cream


I’m a huge fan of Jojoba Oil as it’s the oil that’s apparently closest to our natural skin oil, so for those of us who have issues with oil production (and spots) it’s a great choice as our skin is likely to recognise it as our own skin oil, which means it’s less likely to create balance issues; it’s actually one of the main oils recommended by the guys over at and they even sell their own brand. The Jojoba Skin Company makes an impressive collection of beautifully packaged products, all of which are built around the benefits of Jojoba Oil – here are my thoughts on three of them.


The Australian Jojoba Oil is my favourite of the three, and I’ve actually had it for quite a while.  You only need a drop or two and it will flood your skin with rich moisture, so be prepared as this stuff is incredibly rich, yet it won’t break you out, so whilst it’s great for all skin types, I think this is the sort of product that would really benefit anyone who’s using harsh spot-fighting products as it’ll likely counteract any dryness and leave skin feeling and looking plump and hydrated.  Everyone needs a bottle of Jojoba Oil in their kit and this one is particularly lovely.  It’s £12.99 here – link.


The Absolute Serum is designed to boost collagen production, refine skin, reduce lines and generally perk-up slackened skin.  It’s the sort of product that can slot into any routine as, once applied, it’s gone within moments, so it’s unlikely to interfere with any other products in your routine, although always double check if you’re unsure.  It’s too soon for me to tell if this has had any real impact on me (and, in fairness, I don’t suffer with a lot of the issues it’s aimed at) but I like the fact that it appears to be a gentle yet natural anti-ageing powerhouse that would likely to suit any routine that needs a bit more of an anti-ageing boost.  It’s £45.95 here – link.


The Hydrating Day Cream is another star that hydrates skin so effectively, making it a particularly brilliant product to use under make-up as it’s rich without being buttery, thus creating a bouncy, moisturised base that make-up won’t slide off.  I particularly like using this with the aforementioned oil, as the two together can counteract even the worst bout of dehydrated skin – I literally looked like I’d had a peel last week and a few minutes massaging in the oil then adding this cream left skin looking completely rejuvenated.  It’s £22.95 here – link.  The range is also available at Holland & Barrett.

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