Mask Monday: MasqueBar Charcoal Peel-Off Modelling Mask

September 18, 2017

It’s been a little while since I did a Mask Monday post, but I’ve got two great ones today, starting with this mammoth feature on the new MasqueBar Charcoal Peel-Off Modelling Mask.  There are four of these new types of modelling masks in the range – Collagen, Lavender, Tea Tree and Charcoal – all of which come in single use pots with everything you need within the pot; just add water.

I’ve had a little nose around online to see what other’s thought of these peel-off modelling masks, and the general census seems to be that they’re too thick and difficult to work with.  I would have definitely felt the same way had I not experienced several facials in the last few years (exhibit A: Environ Facial) that use this type of modelling mask; it’s supposed to be ridiculously thick, so I fear these are a little bit misunderstood, which is a shame as they’re pretty decent products!

The single use pot contains the mask, in powder form, and a scoop.  You’re advised to add seven spoonfuls of water, but I found this wasn’t enough and I ended up using around 10 spoonfuls to get all the powder worked into the mixture.  Once mixed, I quickly applied it to my face and worked it around as speedily as possible, focusing especially on areas that are prone to congestion/breakouts, since it’s a charcoal-based mask.

The instructions advise avoiding eyebrows which I’m always a bit rubbish at achieving, but thankfully it wasn’t the end of the world and both brows are still intact.  Once you’ve finished applying the mask, it’ll start to set almost immediately and then you leave it on for 15-20 minutes before peeling it off in a downwards motion.

It feels extremely cool on application (so particularly great for inflammation or redness) and is actually quite jarring as it’s so cold! I found spreading it around my face relatively easy (I didn’t focus on getting it especially even, as you can see!) and I think the key is to just get it on as quickly as you can manage. Once on, it stays cool for quite a while, which feels nice and soothing on the skin.  Even though it’s charcoal based, it doesn’t tighten skin or feel like it’s pulling out any impurities, so I think even quite sensitive skin would be okay, but obviously it never hurts to patch test.

Peeling off was pretty simple and definitely didn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable, even on the brows, it all just fell away easily.  As you can see in the pot above, it came away in large chunks and there were also some smaller, fiddly bits that needed removing – a word of warning, try and get as much onto a tissue as possible and avoid washing it down the sink as it’s very thick and might cause problems! Skin looked and felt smoother and more refined whilst still balanced and hydrated.  It didn’t do a huge amount for congestion as I feel these types of rubber masks are more about soothing and conditioning, so with that in mind, I’d be interested in seeing how the other masks in the range perform.  These are £4.99 each and you can find them at Boots here – link.

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