NYX Professional Makeup Faux Whites and Faux Blacks Eyeliners

September 5, 2017

I had sooooo much fun snapping these awesome new launches from NYX Professional Makeup – SO MUCH FUN! I think my enthusiasm for these leaped as soon as I realised exactly what they were, and I loved everything about them from that moment onward.  The Faux Whites Eye Brighteners are washy pastel shades to go on the inner, lower waterline to add brightness and a tiny splash of colour, whilst the Faux Black Eyeliners can be used as eyeliners or tightliners.

Both products are creamy, soft and blendable, making application an absolute dream.  The shade range for both is also stunning and the price point of £5.50 each means you pick up a few colours.  They’re also extremely versatile and can work for an array of day and night looks.  These are all aimed at being shades that are a slight deviation from black or white, so they offer a very subtle colour payoff which is great for anyone who likes the idea of stepping away from black or white without going too bright.

The Faux Whites Eye Brighteners come in eight pretty pastels in a great array of shades.  In order of swatches from top to bottom: Vanilla is a light, off-white; Mintcream is a pale apple green; Linen is a pure, pastel pink; Lavender Blush is a washed-out lilac; Baby Powder is a gentle, baby blue; Honeydew is a yellow-leaning green; Seashell is a peachy pink and finally, the awesomely named White Smoke is a pale grey-leaning blue.

Lavender Blush is probably the most universally flattering as these are intended for use in the inner waterline, so you want something that’ll brighten as well as add a bit of life overall, and purpley shades are great for that.  My favourite has to be White Smoke, not just because it’s the most fantastic name for a pastel liner, but also because it’s subtle yet a bit different, whilst also a very flattering shade that’ll work with most make-up looks.  They’re £5.50 here – link.

I really like the Faux Whites Eye Brighteners, but the Faux Blacks Eyeliners are my everything – I don’t think I’ve gone a day without using one since they arrived.  What these types of creamy, smoky liners are great for is adding just a touch of definition in that flattering, no-make-up-make-up way that leaves eyes looking beautifully defined rather than beautifully made-up.  The shade range is particularly awesome as these are such great and flattering (that word again!) colours that’ll enhance every eye colour and shape.

Following the swatches above from top to bottom: Black Hole is a deep, smoky purple; Oxblood is a rich claret; Midnight is an inky blue that’s more dark sky than navy; Black Olive is a blackened olive (surprisingly…); Blackberry is a muddy berry; Obsidian is more of a true navy and finally Onyx is a dark, jewel-toned green.  They’re £5.50 here – link.

At the time of swatching, Burnt Sienna had broken and I didn’t have a pencil sharpener, so I’ve done the swatch separately above.  As you can see, Burnt Sienna is a muddy, red-toned brown.  It’s a battle deciding my favourite of these as there isn’t a single shade here that I don’t love.  Burnt Sienna is the perfect colour for adding a tiny bit of colour to an everyday eye look as it’ll brighten with a bit of barely there colour.  Black Hole is a great shade to finish off a cool-toned eye look and I particularly like wearing it with other purple-hued shadows.  Black Olive is one of those crowd-pleasing shades that’ll work with literally everything and give the prettiest finish – you’ll likely just see the light that it adds to the look rather than the colour itself, as the final result is incredibly pretty.

All of the shades work really well as eyeliners or tightliners, making them really versatile products.  Either the Faux Whites or Faux Blacks can work as both types of liners, but the Faux Blacks especially are great for both types of definition.  My absolute favourite way to wear them is by applying a black liquid liner to my upper lid before adding a pop of smoky colour to the upper tighline with the Faux Blacks.  I think it all depends on what your typical eye makeup routine is like, but as a general rule, if you like a lot of definition, head to the Faux Blacks, whereas if you like to add a very subtle finish, try the Faux Whites.  To be honest, most people could likely find a bit of joy from both, and at £5.50 a pop, picking up a few isn’t going to break the bank.

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