Vibe Blush Lights at Charles Worthington (London Only)


Yesterday my blog turned six years old, which is crazy! I can’t believe I’ve been writing this for six years! In that time I’ve been lucky enough to have some great experiences, having been invited to some amazing events and to try some great treatments.  I’m fortunate to get regularly invited to try out salons and clinics for all manners of treatment reviews, but none get me quite as excited as an invite back to Charles Worthington on Percy Street, London, to see the amazing Jo Herald.  The woman is a hair genius and since visiting her for the first time almost two years ago (next month – here’s the original post) I’ve become someone who really loves their hair.  I spent my entire life not really knowing what to do with it, but that’s all changed since I started seeing Jo.  If you have ‘meh hair’ then go see Jo!


There are many, many things to love about a visit to Charles Worthington.  The atmosphere is spot-on, feeling luxurious and fancy without any pompousness or pretentiousness, the snacks and drinks are fun and tasty (and you only pay a one of payment of around £3 for unlimited snacks and drinks) but more importantly than all of the frills and aesthetics, the treatments are phenomenal; I always feel like I’m being listened to in every sense when I visit, so attention is paid to exactly what my hair needs, balanced with reality of what I personally can manage.  Jo knows me really well; she knows what I like and she’s aware of my lifestyle limits – having a three year old means I can’t spend hours styling my hair and having a busy life means I can’t always return as soon as my roots start to show – so she takes all of this into account when deciding what to do with my hair.

PIN IT Before and after


Yet another thing I love about Charles Worthington is how they’re constantly striving to offer new and exciting developments in colouring and styling.  They release new concepts every season with the current collection, Vibe, focusing on hair that is all about the colour, with styling built around showing off colour, be that a statement pop of colour, or fun takes on traditional blonde shades, this is a collection that’s all about demonstrating the amazing impact colour can have on your hair using a skilled blend of various application techniques to achieve the perfect finish.  Jo always gives me the very best blonde hair that suits my colourings perfectly, so I was keen to get in on the Vibe action.  After our usual catch-up, we launched straight into colour chat (Jo is so fantastically enthusiastic and I remember how excited she was about Vibe the last time I saw her) and decided to add a bit more depth to my colour, adding slightly darker shades in with the blonder tones to not only give more dimension to the overall effect, but also to make the growing out process a little less stark – as you can see in my before photos, I was showing some serious roots because last time I visited Jo was to try out the L’Oreal #ColorfulHair treatment (post here) which needed hair as light as possible to show it off.


Jo is most known for her colour, but her cutting is also fantastic – she has a technique where she cuts layers into the middle layers of hair, so you get the texture without the fluffiness, and it works so well with my hair type, giving it body and movement without any flyaways or frizz.  The cut was also created factoring in the Blush Lights colour, so the two would work together for impact.  I always so look forward to going to see Jo as the whole experience is incredibly positive; I always leave feeling a hundred times better than I did when I walked in, especially as the overall experience is so pampering and relaxing – the joy of knowing I’ll get a few hours of sitting around, nibbling on yummy snacks and reading magazines whilst my hair is transformed is the sort of experience that I think everyone should try and make time for, as it really does give me such a boost that lasts right up until my roots start showing! Blush Lights start from £75 and the “The W” cut (designed to enhance the colour) starts from £50.  Find out all about the Vibe Collection here – link.

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