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“Soul Time”, is possibly the most pretentious thing I’ve ever written on this blog, so I’m so sorry to use such wanky terminology, but I find “soul time” or, indeed, anything “soul” a really good way to describe how I feel at the moment, even if I don’t particularly like the word itself; like the word “banter” – I hate that word but there is no suitable replacement, so I just have to use it whilst cringing inwardly.  Anyway! Soul Time is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks and it has been a joy.


You may (or may not!) have noticed that I haven’t been on here for a while – possibly the longest I’ve ever been away in six years – but it’s because I just hit my limit and everything was bumming me out.  I’ve always taken such pleasure in writing this blog, but I was struggling to find any fun in it at all, instead finding it a tiresome chore that hung over my head like a raining cloud of misery, or something equally dramatic.  2017 hasn’t been the best year for me as I’ve had one rubbish health problem after the next, with little else happening to break it up, so my blog has suffered, I have suffered, and I found myself feeling like a total and utter failure.  I decided to just give up for a bit and see how I felt.  It was very much the right decision.


I have spent months focusing on the negativity: Why are other bloggers being invited to things I’m not? Why did (it seems) everyone get a delivery of Naked palettes except me? Why am I no longer being included on press lists that I once was? I was completely taken away with all the things that weren’t happening whilst ignoring those that were and I was taking it really personally; it felt like every day I would wake to see some new explosion of excitement on Twitter that I had, yet again, been excluded from, and it was upsetting me unreasonably, so stepping away from it all to focus on “soul time” (yuk) was exactly what I needed, and I’ve spent the last few weeks doing whatever I like, making lots of yummy meals (soul food…I will stop with the soul stuff soon), watching Box Sets and doing fun stuff with Teddy.  It’s been a great time and I have no regrets – I highly recommend.


After a while, the negativity disappeared and I instead realised just how many awesome things I got to experience as part of my blog, with some brilliant invites popping up in my inbox alongside lovely offers and exciting release news.  I’m sure there are many who would tut at me focusing on these particular elements of blogging, but these are the bits that bring me a lot of joy; the ‘perks’ keep me excited and keep me working away all hours – it’s my love of beauty that generates continual enthusiasm, so without that, I wouldn’t be able to write about it all.  I’m easing myself back in over the next week or so, without pushing or putting too much pressure on myself.  The health stuff is still very much ongoing, so if I need to stop again, I will.


In other news, I found out today that I’ve made Vuelio’s top 10 UK Beauty Blog list which is just INSANE, as I’m there with bloggers such as Jane from BBB, Caroline Hirons and Pixiwoo (to name just a few) so I am unbelievably thrilled to be on that list! It has boosted me right up and could not have happened at a better time.  I won’t be writing too much over the next few days but I do have some great QVC TSVs to share, as well as my favourites for September, so keep your eyes open for those and thanks for reading xx



  • Sara
    October 8, 2017

    Your blog is brilliant. Along with BBB & Really Ree you’re on my favourites list.
    You have a great writing style & you write honestly. That’s what I like about you & Jane.
    Don’t ever forget you are fabulous!

    Sara x

    • Sascha
      October 10, 2017

      Hi Sara,

      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I really appreciate it and it honestly made my day – thanks so much xx

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