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It’s kind of ridiculous that I haven’t featured the Skin79 AragoSpa range yet, as two of the three products I have have become almost daily staples.  The AragoSpa range is all about boosting moisture levels, plain and simple, so what you get is a fantastically gentle range that is able to add hydration to any skincare routine, regardless of skin type.  It’s a comprehensive range with a formula for everyone, and I was lucky enough to be sent three products to try.  I think this is a range that would particularly suit spot-prone skin types as it’s so light and gentle.

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I’ll start with my thoughts on the Skin79 AragoSpa Foaming Cleanser, which is a gently foaming, creamy cleanser that feels nice enough on the skin and is definitely gentle (as foaming cleansers go, it’s probably the most gentle one I’ve tried) so it’s great for those who have skin that’s especially dry or sensitive and prone to drying out with traditional wash-off cleansers, as this one will definitely tread carefully.  However, for me, it was mostly unremarkable and not really one I reach for, but then I think that’s because we all tend to favour particular textures when it comes to cleansers, and I prefer something rich and balmy.  It’s £12.90 here – link.

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Now on to the really, really good stuff, starting with the stunning Skin79 AragoSpa Aqua Essence, which is quite thick for an essence as it’s more like a gel with medium consistency, but it’s absolutely wonderful to use as it immediately hydrates the skin with a big boost of moisture, without leaving any residue, greasiness or balmy/waxy feel that you often get with hydrating products. I use this and the product below every time I wear makeup, as the two together leave my skin feeling incredibly hydrated, smooth and plump whilst remaining residue-free, so perfect for a make-up base.  I think this is the one product that could boost any routine, so if you fancy trying one product from the range, make it this one.  I use two pumps to cover my whole face.  It’s £24.90 here – link – and I will be topping up when I run out, which will be soon!

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Finally, the Skin79 AragoSpa Aqua Gel Cream is a product that anyone with difficult to balance skin would really benefit from; it’s deeply hydrating yet light as a feather, thanks to it’s watery gel formula that melts into the skin.  It’s very much like Clinique Moisture Surge, but I’d say it’s actually a little more hydrating and tends to sink right into the skin, plumping it up beautifully.  It’s great for use after a facial/mask/acid tone as it’s so gentle, soothing and calming, plus the pot is a really good size at 90ml, which is especially handy since it spreads really well so you don’t need big scoops for each use.  It’s £25.90 here – link.

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