TiLi Beauty Advent Calendar (if you just buy one…)

TiLi Beauty Advent Calendar

I’ve watched the online panic of beauty bloggers trying to get all the beauty advent calendars featured as quickly as possible – and there are many, many beauty advent calendars this year – that I couldn’t put myself through the stress of competing (fair play to those who have, and have created some very handy resources) and worrying about getting everything covered in time.  Therefore I took a pretty much blanket ban approach to advent calendars this year, rejecting all offers for samples to instead focus on my gift guide.  But then I got slightly distracted by one or two, with the main one being the TiLi Beauty Advent Calendar.

I think we can all agree that QVC Beauty are phenomenal; they stock the best brands, cherry pick the most fantastic products and really know what they’re doing when it comes to sourcing new beauty.  Their TiLi Beauty Boxes have been a breath of fresh air in the beauty box world, providing exciting collections of products that even the most hardened, cynical beauty blogger (hello!) would want to get their hands on.  So, inevitably, the TiLi Beauty Advent Calendar was going to be a winner, and boy is it!

TiLi Beauty Advent Calendar

The first thing to note about the TiLi Beauty Advent Calendar is that it is absolutely massive: it’s sturdy, heavy and impressive – on immediate inspection you can tell it’s packed full of decently-sized products.  I was in mixed minds about whether to go into major detail about the contents of the calendar and I decided against it, as I think there are plenty of other blogs who have (check out Fee’s awesome post here, for example) but I will say that some of the amazing brands featured include tarte, Pixi, Becca, Murad, Nails Inc…just consider all the best brands that QVC Beauty has to offer, and chances are they’ll have a product in this calendar.

TiLi Beauty Advent Calendar

The beauty advent calendar market is hugely saturated (do you remember when it was still novel and there were only a few??) so it is difficult to decide which to go for.  The main things I like about the TiLi Beauty Advent Calendar is that it’s extremely good value, it’s packed full of really good sized products and I think the most important thing of all that sets it apart from most of the others is that it’s multi-brand, so you get a bit of everything to try out which will likely result in the introduction of some new brands to your collection.  It’s £40 which is just crazy value, so obviously it’s out of stock, but there is a chance there will be more, so keep a close eye on the QVC site here – link – for updates.

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