Mask Monday: Superdrug Charcoal, Avocado & Oat and Blueberry Jam

Superdrug masks, natural masks, PIN IT

I had my eye on these pot masks the minute I saw them launch, as there was just something so appealing about the presentation of a product in a food-like pot with food-themed ingredients.  The newest pot masks from Superdrug come in five ‘flavours’: Coconut, Kale, Blueberry Jam, Avocado & Oat and Charcoal; the latter three I’m featuring today.


All the masks come in pots, which are incredibly cute, but not the most practical, especially when it comes to resealing after application.  Having said that, it’s a small price to pay for a product that appears so wholesome and skin-loving! The Charcoal mask is a really good take on charcoal, providing a creamy, comfortable deep cleanse that’s easy to remove and leaves skin feeling clean and purified without too much dryness.  Here it is – link.

Superdrug masks, natural masks, PIN IT

The Avocado & Oat mask is my favourite of three, providing a mix of nourishment alongside a very gentle exfoliation – the thing I love about this is that it feels, smells and looks like it’s been home-made, plus it also leaves skin feeling really lovely – plump, hydrated and generally better.  Find it here – link. The final mask is the Blueberry Jam, which I was dreading using as when I photographed it it was soooo sticky and unpleasant, however, once on the skin (getting it smoothed over is a bit of a battle!) it warms a bit and becomes a lovely, rich, unctuous product that feels lovely and soothing on.  It has some grainy bits that provide a very gentle exfoliation, and, surprisingly, I really like this one too.  It’s here – link.

Superdrug masks, natural masks, PIN IT

I was so excited about these masks and I’m so pleased they turned out to be as good as I had hoped.  I love all the varieties and I think there really is a choice for every skin need; obviously these aren’t masks that are designed to drive extreme results, but they do offer that homemade feel that’ll perk up both your skin and your well-being – there is something so wonderfully soothing about lying in a bath full of bubbles with a thick, foody mask smoothed across your face, and these pretties from Superdrug provide the latter element so you don’t have to faff about in your kitchen.  I would say that each pot will give you at least four uses, possibly more, making them a great little buy at just under a fiver each.  They’re also currently on offer for £3.29 each, which is even better!

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