12 Gifts of Christmas: Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser

December 7, 2017

Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser

I’m nearing the end of my 12 Gifts of Christmas series, so I thought this post should feature on the fabulous new hair styler for anyone who needs a bit of bounce in their blow dry, the Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser, which, as the name suggests, is basically a volumising hairdryer that takes all the hard work out of creating bounce and volume.

Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser

The Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser has a massive brush head – seriously, it’s huge! – which allows you to really get some height into the roots, so this is particularly handy for those who have fine hair but lots of it, as the massive head on this brush allows you to lift hair a good few inches away from the scalp.  I’m someone who’s hair goes very flat, very quickly, so I need to start off with massive hair to give it a bit of time to settle in.

Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser

You use the Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser pretty much as you’d expect, by wrapping your hair around the (still massive!) brush head and allowing the hot air to dry and set the hair in place.  Due to the massive head (have I made it clear just how massive it is…?) you can get through the whole head of hair pretty quickly, but if you have time, I’d recommend pinning up the upper layer and working on the lower layer first.  However, you don’t have to do that, as you’ll still get a decent finish.

Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser

What’s particularly impressive about the Revlon Salon One Step Dryer & Volumiser is the fact that it grips hair so well, which makes the whole process a lot easier; there are two types of bristles within the brush head – one that grips and one that smooths – so the overall finish is a smooth, bouncy blow dry that’s easy to do and lasts really well with the right styling products used to set it all in place.  I’d recommend this gift for anyone who struggles to create an at-home blow dry, or anyone with fine hair that needs a bit more oomph.  It’s available at Boots here – link – for £59.99.

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