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Kneipp Bath CrystalsPIN IT

Joining the ranks of “proud bath owners” last year opened up a whole new world of bath products to me; up until I moved, I hadn’t had regular access to a bath in over 10 years, being stuck with just a shower room, and so much has changed in the world of bath products in that time.  The Kneipp Bath Crystals have been on my radar for a while, and I’m pleased to report they are every bit as lovely as they look and sound.

Kneipp Bath CrystalsPIN IT

I’ve tried a few different varieties, having quickly finished the beautifully frangraced Red Poppy scent.  The Kneipp Bath Crystals are easy to use: you just sprinkle a couple of capfuls into the bath as it’s running.  They then dissolve creating not only a wonderfully inviting fragrance, but a bright and colourful bath which makes the whole experience just a tad more special.  The Red Poppy turns the bath red, whilst the Sweet Dreams Valerian & Hops scent turns the bath a brilliant blue – I’ll mention now that the colour washes away easily and doesn’t leave any residue or stain.

Kneipp Bath CrystalsPIN IT

There are a few different scents available that perform different functions depending on your need; for example, there’s Cold Season Eucalyptus scent that helps aid and clear congestion, or there’s the Joint & Muscle Arnica scent for relieving tired and achy joint and muscles.  These are really lovely and well-priced products that I enjoy using (as does Teddy – he loves sprinkling them in to the water and watching the colour take over!) and I love the fact that many of provide specific help with various issues.  My favourite is Red Poppy, but I also love the Sweet Dreams one too.  I also found that filling the bathroom sink with very hot water and adding a couple of cups full of the Eucalyptus one is a great way to lightly infuse my home with the congestion-easing scent when cold season is upon us.  The Kneipp Bath Crystals are £8.95 each here – link.

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