Paula’s Choice Perfect Cleansing Oil

Paula's Choice Perfect Cleansing Oil

Paula’s Choice is a range I really love as it’s the sort of skincare that’s right up my street; intelligent formulas packed full of skin-loving joy and little else, that’s decently priced and available in samples – it takes real confidence in your rage to offer sample sizes to try, and I think they do it because, not every formula will suit every skin type, so it’s handy to be able to try before you buy, a mentality that’s especially relevant for the Paula’s Choice Perfect Cleansing Oil.

Paula's Choice Perfect Cleansing Oil

The Paula’s Choice Perfect Cleansing Oil is a gorgeous formulation of mostly plant oils, designed to gently hydrate whilst thoroughly cleansing skin and removing all traces of make-up.  You use it in the typical cleansing oil fashion, by working it around the face (for as long as you can, since it’s a lovely way to give skin a massaging boost) before removing it with a flannel.  It’s safe to use around the eyes and you can actually use it as a standalone cleanser, but I personally think oils are best as a first cleanse in the evening.  Having said that, it’s just the right consistency – not too thick, nor too runny – and it doesn’t leave any residue after removal.

Paula's Choice Perfect Cleansing Oil

The main reason the Paula’s Choice Perfect Cleansing Oil isn’t something I’m reaching for regularly is because I use cleansing oils to remove all my make-up, and I’ve found that this stings my eyes – not terribly, but enough to put me off, which is a real shame as it’s a very good make-up remover that strikes the perfect balance by being both gentle and effective.  I do have sensitive eyes (that have got a bit more reactive recently, for some reason) so I wouldn’t write this off unless you have similar issues, and even then, I’d recommend ordering a sample to try if it’s the sort of product you think you’d like.  The full size 118ml is £21, but you can get a 3ml sample for 70p, both of which can be found here – link.  The bottle comes with a separate pump attachment, so you can decide which type of lid you’d prefer, which I think is a really nice touch.

*PR Sample

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