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I’m sure I’ve banged on about the Omorovicza Acid Fix more than enough, but it really is one of those fantastic products that I currently can’t get enough of as they have the “acid craze” spot on, with just the right amount of some really good acids in a lovely formula that suits my skin beautifully.  I first shared my quick thoughts on Acid Fix here, then I also included it in my January favourites here, so there’s not a lot to add to both those posts, which is why I thought it would be the perfect inclusion in a Quick Pick Tuesday feature.

So what is the Omorivicza Acid Fix? It’s an acid-based exfoliating serum designed to address a multitude of concerns, such as dull skin, spots, hyperpigmentation…basically anything that’s stopping your skin looking its very best.  The acid mix includes Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic, alongside Sodium Hyaluronate (a form of Hyaluronic Acid) so skin is left thoroughly (yet gently) exfoliated as well as lightly hydrated too.  It’s a treatment product, so you’d use it 2-3 times (3-4 drops each treatment) a week rather than everyday, but it’s very gentle, so if you were particularly keen to see speedier results, I think you could get away with using it a bit more if you really wanted…just obviously be sensible and if skin starts behaving like you’re overdoing it, slow it all done.  I’ve used this as a step in a long routine, as well as the final step, without following with a moisturiser, and both ways work really well.  I also find this layers well with other acids, so you can use an acid cleanser or toner and use this in the same routine, without too much aggravation – my easily upset skin was fine.  It’s not the cheapest at £85, but if used as directed, it’ll last you a good few months.  Find it here – link.

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