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Real Techniques Brush CrushPIN IT

I’m really not one for all that mermaid/unicorn themed trend that seems never-ending, but I do love anything pink and glittery (as long as I’m not expected to wear it on my face) so the beautiful new Real Techniques Brush Crush brushes are currently taking pride of place on my beauty desk.

Real Techniques Brush Crush Foundation BrushPIN IT

There are currently seven brushes available, alongside a special edition Diamond Sponge (allll the pretty) and a couple of sets too.  Above is the 301 Foundation and the aforementioned sponge.  I was a little disappointed with the 301 Foundation – mostly because I was expecting big things – but the bristles are a little too plastic, so they don’t buff product into the skin effectively, meaning you’re left with a streaky finish and drag lines from the bristles.  Nothing that a little bit of blending with the Diamond Sponge won’t cure, but it’s a shame.

Real Techniques Brush Crush Fan Brush, Blush BrushPIN IT

To go from one extreme to another, the 304 Fan is my favourite fan brush yet, bridging the gap between a skinny fan that offers very little product placement and the full-on highlighter brushes that apply too much, this is similar to the former, but the bristles spread across a wider surface – a bit like as if two of the typical skinny fans were being used together – meaning you get a light application that’s diffused and almost airbrushed. The 302 Blush is a really nice brush too, with soft bristles that apply gentle colour.

Real Techniques Brush Crush Contour Brush, Shadow BrushPIN IT

Finally there’s 303 Contour and the only non-base brush, the 305 Shadow.  The 303 Contour is firm but flexible, with soft bristles – I’d advise using this lightly as it can apply a bit more product than I was expecting, but it works well as a buffer too, so you can work the product in to the skin.  It’s a real shame there aren’t more shadow brushes as I think this is the sort of collection that lends it’s aesthetic nicely to a shadow set.  Having said that, the 305 Shadow is as you’d expect; easy to use, soft and blends like a dream.  There’s also a 300 Powder Brush and a 306 Kabuki.  All brushes are £11 each, with the exception of the 305 Shadow which is £8, as is the Diamond Sponge, and the 306 Kabuki is £15. Find the whole collection here – link – and in Superdrug here – link – where’s there’s currently a buy-one-get-one-half-price promo.

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