Fragrance Friday: Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Carolina Herrera Good Girl PIN IT

I think we can all agree that the bottle for Carolina Herrera Good Girl is absolutely gorgeous and will pretty much make you want to buy it just to have on your dressing table, regardless of whether you actually like the fragrance itself.  It’s a beautiful stiletto heel that looks stunning from every angle, although, interestingly, the perfume is misted via a button on the back that you press in a traditional format; I was expecting it to involve engaging the heel itself, and for some reason I keep trying that each time I use the fragrance.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl PIN IT

It’s so easy to get swept away with the bottle and risk possible disappointment with the actual scent, but thankfully, it contains a lovely host of gourmand notes and white florals that make it a feminine, sweet and safely sexy fragrance that just about works for day and night, although I think it’s more of a Spring/Summer scent (if you subscribe to such things) as I think it’s a little too light for Winter Nights.  Having said that, I like really punchy, in-your-face-sexy scents for wintery nights out, so you might disagree.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl PIN IT

The Carolina Herrera Good Girl starts off fresh and bright with a kick of what I would’ve expected to be something citrus, but I can’t find any evidence on the fragrance notes, so clearly my nose is making things up! The fragrance quickly settles to introduce the white flowers that includes tuberose and my beloved jasmine, and these sit on the gourmand notes with sound like they’re going to be heavy – vanilla, Tonka Bean and cacao, the latter of which you can really pick up on if you seek it out – but they actually work really well alongside the white flowers, all of which come together to create a fragrance that’s sexy and feminine, but light enough for everyday wear, whilst looking tremendous on your beauty table.  Prices start at £50 for 30ml going up to £94.50 for the 80ml.  Find Carolina Herrera Good Girl here – link.

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