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MasqueBar Charcoal Sheet MaskPIN IT

My relationship with MasqueBar has been a little up and down, as I loved their launch products, but then I tried their Charcoal Peel Off Mask and was not a fan.  I kept an open mind when trying the recently launched MasqueBar Charcoal Sheet Masks and I’m glad I did, as they’re rather fab.

MasqueBar Charcoal Sheet Mask ReviewPIN IT

I’m not a huge fan of sheet masks in general – I don’t enjoy the wet, cold, slimy application process – but I persevere as I find them to be an effective at targeting specific issues, especially when it comes to hydrating and soothing tricky skin.  The MasqueBar Charcoal Sheet Mask is an interesting one as it does a bit of everything, promising to purifiy, nourish, detox and hydrate, all in one application.  Surprisingly, I actually think it delivers on these promises, and then some, as my skin not only felt soothed and hydrated, I also found some minor, superficial breakouts had pretty much disappeared by the next morning after use, yet skin still felt as if it had received a more traditional, typical hydrating sheet mask treatment.  Consequently, this is the sort of product I think everyone should have in their kit, as most of us have those off days where skin just will not behave and cannot be treated – is it dry? Inflamed? Spotty? Dehydrated? Try the MasqueBar Charcoal Sheet Mask and it’ll reset everything in less than an hour.  Speaking of time, the recommendation on the box is 15-20 minutes, but it’s a gentle product that can definitely stay on for longer – I went for around 45 minutes, then followed with a simple moisturiser (no rinsing beforehand) and I was mighty impressed with the results.  Finally, it’s well made so that you can move it around to fit properly, which is great if your face is like mine and a bit on the long side.  A pack of 3 costs £9.99 – so £3.33 per mask is a very good price for such a great treatment.  Find it at ASOS here – link – or in Boots stores.

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