Facial Reflexology at Sole to Soul Therapy (London Only)


A few weeks ago, I popped over to the Yi Dao Clinic in West Hampstead to meet with Karen from Sole to Soul Therapy for a relaxing Facial Reflexology session.  The idea of Facial Reflexology is pretty similar to the more typical Foot Reflexology, in that it involves a gentle technique of applying different types of pressure and movement to various areas that correspond to different parts of the body.  Of course the main aim to relieve any issues – so it’s great for things like menstrual cramps, migraines and tension headaches – but the great thing about having the treatment on the face is the by-product of facial massage, so you end up with skin that is radiant and glowing from an hour of pampering with gorgeous oils!

Karen is the perfect person to have such a treatment with as she’s very down-to-earth and easy to talk to, plus she really believes in her treatments.  We started our session with a quick chat about what to expect and what was involved, plus running through any concerns I might have, before I was made comfy on the bed to start the Facial Reflexology.  Karen uses Neal’s Yard products and we started with a thorough, gentle cleanse to remove my make-up and get my skin ready for the oils.  The treatment starts with a little bit of massage all over the upper body, so the neck, upper back and head is all taken into account.  Then the FR treatment itself begins which is kind of as you might expect, with lots of calming, soothing movements and gentle pressure applied to various parts of the face.

Predictably, this is an extremely relaxing treatment with nothing jarring or unpleasant.  Once the treatment is complete, Karen talks me through any areas that she felt were problematic based on her experience of the Facial Reflexology, and she mentioned that my hormones were causing problems…no surprise there, then! Skin looked and felt radiant and glowing after the treatment, and this lasted a good few days afterwards.  Facial Reflexology with Karen is £60 for a 55 minute treatment (face or foot) at the Yi Dai Clinic in West Hampstead.  However, if you’re nearer Watford then she also runs a clinic there where the price falls to £45 for the same treatment.  Karen is also currently offering a £15 discount on your first treatment, so it’s a great time to try it out.  Visit Karen’s site here – link – to find out more.

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