Fragrance Friday: Parterre A Tribute to Edith


Parterre are such a fantastically fresh and exciting brand that I’ve been meaning to feature for absolutely ages, then I ended up using the box of their A Tribute to Edith fragrance to save and transport a baby blackbird to the vet earlier this week (which is very in-keeping with the overall vibe of the brand) and I thought I just had to share it as the Fragrance Friday for this week as it’s just too perfect!


Before I launch into sharing my thoughts on the fragrance itself, I want to give you a bit of backstory on the Parterre brand, since I think they’re quite interesting and worth finding out more about.  The Parterre fragrances (there are currently three) are created at Keynestone Mill, where you’ll find the the largest botanic gardens in the country that’s dedicated solely to creating plants that provide distinctive and individual aromas, with the current tally at over 2000 varieties spread over 50 acres.  If you familiarise yourself with a Parterre fragrance then you can really pick up on the fact that it was created in such a distinctive fashion, as the scents have that earthiness that you’d expect from something started with botany roots, yet the fragrances are modern, fresh and beautifully presented.


As you can see, the box and presentation style is vibrant, bright and inviting, yet the bottle itself is surprisingly pared back in comparison.  A Tribute to Edith is literally a tribute to the Edith Piaf song La Vie en Rose, so it’s a rose-led floral, but very different to what you might be used to with typical rose fragrances.  This one starts off bright and pretty with a hit of freshly plucked rose, but it quickly takes an unexpected turn thanks to the yarrow and geranium, before the “Piaf-ness” really kicks in with a sultry, sexy drydown liquor and patchouli.  Parterre A Tribute to Edith is evocative, different and understated sexy; I want to spray this all over with a balloon puff style bottle before applying a bright red lip and launching into a song about regret.  The 100ml bottle (pictured) is £175, but you can get 50ml for £120, but what’s even better is that they also have a sampling option, so you can get a mini spray for £4.50 to give you a chance to try before fully committing.  I can’t leave without mentioning the fact that the number on the bottle references the fact that there are only so many bottles created from each, annual “nest oil extraction” from the gardens, so the bottle number lets you know how many were made and what number you got – mine reads 67/404.

Find Parterre A Tribute to Edith here – link.

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