Dr Barbara Sturm Baby & Kids Range


The Dr Barbara Sturm range is one of those annoying collections that you peruse for around 10 minutes before deciding you want absolutely everything.  Glow Drops? Yes please.  Hyaluronic Ampoules? GIMME! Nappy Cream? Sorry…what was that? Rather randomly, this extremely exciting and innovative skincare range now has a Baby & Kids collection too.  It’s very random, but I can see why it exists, as there are certainly people with high incomes who are happy to spend a small fortune on products for their children, and whilst it’s probably not what I would describe as an essential range, how happy would a new mum be to receive such a fancy set of baby products for their newborn?


There are five products in the range in total: two wet and three dry.  The two bath products are Hair & Body Shampoo, a light and very gentle, milky soap that works all over and is especially well suited to delicate baby skin, and the Bathing Milk, which is full of kind-to-skin oils to help maintain the skin barrier and keep everything nicely hydrated.  The Hair & Body Shampoo is £35 here – link – and the Bathing Milk is £32 here – link.


The Nappy Cream is by far the most decadent in the range, considering it’s use, but I will say that when I first had Teddy, I was sent a little collection of fancy children’s products that included a lovely nappy cream, and it made the whole (let’s face it, rather unpleasant) experience of changing his nappy a little more joyful, so there is that to consider! Next is the Face Cream, which is a rich and protective product to keep face skin soft, supple and free from dry patches.  Finally there’s the Body Cream, which is very much like the face cream and provides similar benefits.  The Nappy Cream is £26 here – link – the Face Cream is £50 here – link – and the Body Cream is £45 here – link, so definitely not a budget brand, but if you’re looking for a luxury present, then the duo of the Hair & Body Shampoo with the Nappy Cream would make a gorgeous gift.

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