Mask Monday: Marie Reynolds London Dermabiome


I’ve been quietly stalking Marie Reynolds on Twitter and Instagram for quite some time, as I really enjoy her insights into skincare, as well as lusting after her product range, which is small, but each new arrival sounds incredible; the Epidermal Blanket is a trio of products (elixir, serum and copper want for application) designed to sooth, heal and nourish skin and it just sounds amazing doesn’t it? All the MRL products sound like they’ve been so carefully considered and constructed, so they’re well worth checking out.  Marie is most well known for her facial treatments, which she undertakes at Fortnum & Mason in London and her clinic in Norfolk.


The Marie Reynolds London Dermabiome is a newly launched mask that provides a huge array of benefits, with a large focus on feeding the skin utilising Phytonutrients and Probiotic Technology.  The Probiotic Technology consists of 8 strains of live bacteria culture that work together to deliver a big dose of skincare, helping issues such as acne, inflammation, sensitivity and rosacea, although it’s suggested to be of benefit to all skin types and conditions.


Some of the improvements the mask promises include brightening, rejuvenating and balancing, which are obviously benefits that all skin would enjoy.  The mask arrives as a powder form (presumably to prolong the life of the probiotics) which you mix with water to form a smooth paste that you then apply and leave for 10-15 minutes, before loosening and washing away.  It drys to a clay-like finish, and breaks away in a similar fashion, so it can get a little messy.


I’ve tried the Marie Reynolds London Dermabiome a few times now and I’ve found that it works better for my skin if I use a bit more than the suggested teaspoon so that I’m left with a decent amount of paste to work over my skin.  It’s easy to mix up and the paste is also easy to spread over the skin.  It has a kind of earthy fragrance that isn’t especially pleasing, but I always prefer skincare to smell a bit funky as that usually suggests that it’s free from unnecessary fragrance.  The scent from this mask isn’t pungent or overpowering, so it definitely doesn’t make the mask experience any less pleasant.


I have found that I get on best with this when I wash it off in the bath.  I loosen it and slowly break it down until it’s all gone, and I find this works really well for me.  The mask really does provide all the promised elements, leaving skin feeling and looking soothed, calmed and cared for.  I love the fact that it’s the type of mask anyone can add to their routine, since it provides such a great range of benefits.  I also really like the fact that it’s such a great big tub of powder, as it will definitely last quite a while.  Buy this if you’re seeking something hard-working that’ll make a noticeable difference after the first try.  It’s £68 here – link.

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