An Introduction to Sarya Couture Makeup

Recently I received a beautifully presented box of enticing make-up, which made me want to jump straight in and start finding out more about the new Sarya Couture Makeup collection, a range of natural, cruelty-free cosmetics that so far only include eyeshadows, lipsticks and brushes.  My first impressions of the range are extremely positive and I hope they extend their colour range soon – especially the amazing eyeshadows!

The lipsticks are available in four shades: Pure Vanity – a neutral nude; Lolita – a mid-toned pink; Lovecraft – a deep Merlot and Divaish – a deep berry shade.  As someone who likes shades that are fairly natural and pink leaning, there isn’t a lot for me in the four shades, but Lolita is very pretty and great for brightening up a natural day face.  I also love the lipstick formulas which are richly pigmented yet hydrating and glossy.

The eyeshadows currently come in four shades as well: Vanilla – a pinky beige; Pastel Me – a warm pink; Mocha – a a grey-leaning deep taupe and finally Burlesque – a deep, rich berry tone.  The eyeshadow formula is absolutely gorgeous – almost cream-like as it’s so buttery and smooth, allowing for nearly foolproof application that gives an airbrushed finish.  I like all shades (although I struggled to find a place for Pastel Me!) but I think Mocha and Burlesque are the standout shades.

The Sarya Couture makeup range contains seven brushes – two base brushes and five eyeshadow brushes.  The base brushes are Powder Polish (101) and Face Curve (102).  To be completely honest I haven’t had the opportunity to try the face brushes as I don’t often use them for base application (I’m still very much into applying base with a sponge) but these are good quality, feel weighty and solid, and I would guess – based on my experience with the other brushes – are decent investments.

The eyes brushes consist of the Short Shader (204), Petite Eye Blender (203), Eye Blender (202), Wing Liner (301) and All Over Shader (201).  The All Over Shader has become a staple in my eye make-up routine as it’s just the right size and density for getting a neutral shade all over the eye in place as a base.  The Eye Blender is another great brush that’s ideal for working product into the outer corners, and can also work as a crease brush if you’re going for more of a natural look.  The Petite Eye Blender is also great for working the crease, as it’s dense but soft, so you get a decent payoff that blends out really well.

In the above and below look I’m wearing three out of the four eyeshadows (minus Pastel Me) and Lolita on my lips.  I really recommend trying out the eyeshadows as they are truly fantastic and probably one of the best formulas I’ve ever tried – as I said, I really hope they extend the line as I can see myself using them as my go-to shades if they had more on offer.  The lipsticks are lovely (again, in need of more shades) and the brushes are also great, so my introduction to Sarya has been extremely positive!

All prices on the site are in euros, so a quick online conversion puts the prices at around £20 for the lipsticks, around £18 for the eyeshadows, £24 for the base brushes, £17 for the All Over Shader and Eye Blender, £14 for the Petite Eye Blender and Short Shader and finally £11 for the Wing Eyeliner.  Find the whole range here – link.

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