Fragrance Friday: DKNY Stories


DKNY have recently launched their newest fragrance, DKNY Stories, which is a bit of a change for the fragrance range that is known for it’s juicy, fruity numbers that are mostly aimed at the younger millennial market.  DKNY Stories is a little more grown-up and more suited to my kind of age group – it’s still vibrant, bright and very DKNY, but it’s less in-your-face, more sophisticated and generally a lot more subtle than other DKNY fragrances.


DKNY Stories is an Oriental floral with notes of fruit and wood.  It’s got a great mix of key fragrance notes such as pink pepper, Jasmine Sambac, white tea, black Iris, vanilla bean and white sandalwood, which all come together to provide a fragrance that’s both strong and feminine, classic and modern and sexy yet understated.  The inspiration for the fragrance comes from, of course, the joy that is New York, all it has to offer, and how many people have created their own stories there.  I visited New York when I was 20, and whilst it was a huge culture shock (having based all my NY knowledge on everything I’d seen in Friends and Sex and the City) it really is one of the most charismatic and electric cities in the world, so I can totally understand why it inspires so much creativity, and I love the concept of a fragrance inspired by the many personal journeys people experience in NY.  A New York Skyscraper also provided the inspiration for the bottle itself, which is a perfect finishing touch for a perfume that is oh so New York. DKNY Stories is available now in three sizes: 30ml for £43.50, 50ml for £59.50 and 100ml for £79.50, all of which can be found at Boots here – link.  The 100ml bottle is the one in the pictures.

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