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2018 is my 7th year blogging, which just feels unbelievable to me, as I can’t believe I’ve managed to stick at anything for seven years.  In my blogging journey, I’ve made some fabulous friends via various means, including on social media.  I met Mandy online and saw her grow her Etsy jewellery store from scratch.  Recently, she kindly sent me a little selection of some of her amazing creations which I’m sharing with you today.


The first thing that strikes me when I arrive online at the Ammie-Ree Jewellery shop, is how many different products are on offer – at the time of writing there are 413 – and they literally cover everything; earrings, hairbands, bracelets, rings, toe rings, and as you can hopefully see in my pictures, some of the very prettiest neck chains with gorgeous designs, ranging from subtle and feminine to bright and colourful, there’s such a fantastic selection!


The second that strikes me is the price point, with most products coming in under a tenner and a lot under a fiver, this is one of those shops you can easily get lost in and end up buying lots without spending a fortune.  I also love the way the products are sent out – as you can see, they’re carefully packaged in sweet-shop-style bags that would make such lovely presents.


The truly great thing about buying jewellery from an independent creator such as Mandy, is that you know you’re getting something that’s likely to be a one-off, or very rare at least, so you won’t end up looking and dressing the same as everyone else, so it’s a wonderful way to ensure individuality whilst supporting small businesses.  I really do recommend visiting the Ammie-Ree shop and seeing if anything grabs you, as chances are you’ll find something you love.  Check it out here – link.  I’ve got a couple more Etsy shops to show you soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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