Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights


When I was much younger I used to get through tons of glitter; I’d go out 3-4 times a week and I’d have glitter on my eyes, lips and sometimes cheeks, even if I was just popping to the pub! Nowadays I’ll reluctantly include a bit of shimmer in my make-up routine, as long as it’s really, really subtle.  This is mainly because I have absolutely no nightlife, and I think glitter is the best thing ever for a night time look.  Having said that, I decided to go all out when I received the Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights, as they’re just so pretty!


The Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights are liquid eyeshadows that currently come in five shades.  The glitter level is high, and you can build up the payoff so you get a really strong, solid coat of glitter, or you can use it more sparingly by just sticking with the one layer.  You can sheer it out even more by applying it with a brush.


The five shades available (in swatch order) are Crystalline – silvery white; SunRay – a warm, antique gold; RoseGold – a warm bronze; BareBrilliance – a cool, earthy brown and finally Passionlight, which is kind of like a warmer version of BareBrilliance, as it’s also quite earthy and a deep shade, but it’s definitely warmer.  As you’d expect, the deeper the shades go, the more colour payoff you get – it’s a lot easier to create an completely opaque finish with Passionlight than it is with Crystalline.


My favourite shades are BareBrilliance, as I love that deep brown flecked with silver – it’s lovely and cool toned so very flattering if you suit ashier colours – and Crystalline, which is just one of those attractive shades that makes you want to play with glitter; it’s the sort of product that would be pretty versatile, especially if you sheer it out, plus I love how well it pops in sun light.


In the pictures I am just wearing BareBrilliance, which I applied as one fairly decent layer, before sheering out the edges.  I do recommend letting it dry (as it feels a bit wet for a couple of minutes) with eyes pointed downwards to ensure it doesn’t travel.  There’s the tiniest bit of glittery fall out, but a lot less than I was expecting, and you’re left with a foil-like, sparkly finish that stays in place, yet is still easy to remove when the time comes.  These are £15 each and you can find them here – link.

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