Winky Lux New Arrivals (and some existing cult favourites)


I’m sure you’ve all seen at least one Winky Lux product on social media, probably the intensely Instagrammable Flower Balms, which are beautiful sticks of sheer gloss containing a delicate flower – every bit as pretty as they sound.  I recently attended an event to find out more about what Winky Lux has to offer – they are much, much more than just a supplier of pretty lipsticks – so here’s a little look at some of the future stars.


The Winky Lux Tinted Veils are perfect for the warmer months, providing a host of skincare goodies including an SPF30 and Vitamins A and E in a tinted moisturiser format, presented in the prettiest of bottles.  I’ll be including a more thorough review of these in my Foundation Files series soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  These don’t appear to have launched in the UK yet, but I believe they’ll be around the £20 mark and should be launching very soon.  They’re available in three shades – Light, Medium and Dark.


One thing Winky Lux really like to do is PH adapting lip products, such as their Disco Gloss which is very much as it sounds – mirror-like gloss packed full of glitter and colour-adapting: it’s not for everyday work lips, but definitely great for Saturday night shimmer. This is £13 from Boots here – link.  I applied the Winky Lux Pucker Up Lip Plumper in Pink Lemonade – a stunning, peachy pink nude – without realising that it was a plumping formula, felt the tingle and freaked out – thank god for Google! This is the best lip plumper I’ve ever tried, by a mile: if it’s genuinely plumped up lips you’re after, this’ll do it, just be prepared to top it regularly as the plumpness fades quite quickly.  Still though, can’t quite believe how plump my lips went! Feel Unique are having a sale at the mo, so it’s reduced to £14.45 here – link.


As I said, Winky Lux do an amazing range, but the lipsticks definitely have a lot of pull – let’s take a minute to enjoy the prettiness above.  From left to right, the Watermelon Jelly Balm, Matcha Lip Treatment and the Flower Balm.  The Watermelon Jelly Balm is another PH-adapting product that’s very moisturising and looks lovely on the lips – it produced a vibrant pop of pink on me.  I would love this product so much more if it didn’t taste so bitter! It’s £12 here – link. Don’t recoil too quickly regarding the flavour of the Matcha Lip Treatment, as it contains vanilla (food grade) and goes on clear, thus making it one of the prettiest lip balms you can get.  It’s £12 here – link. Finally, the Flower Balm is another hydrating lip treatment, but this one contains a chrysanthemum in either pink, green or purple, making it more of a work of art than a lip product.  Just. Too. Pretty.  Find it here – link – for £13.


The final product is the Winky Lux Coffee Eyeshadow Palette which is by far my favourite product in the range so far; it just contains the most beautiful shades (that are coffee-scented, which is kind of weird and kind of awesome) that are buttery, blend easily and look fantastic, making this a total steal at £20.  This is another product I’ll be featuring in more detail soon.  It’s £20 here – link.

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  • Julie Grace
    July 25, 2018

    All these products from Winky Lux looks amazing! I will try some of these, but Matcha Lip Treatment is definitely on my list.

    • Sascha
      Julie Grace
      July 25, 2018

      They are so gorgeous – the lip products are especially pretty, but the palette is the one thing that has my heart 😉

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