Allergy Diaries: Foobot Air Quality Monitor


Ever since moving home, my son Teddy and I have developed some pretty considerable issues with allergies, yet we really struggle to work out what’s causing the problem.  Teddy had some allergy testing and it all came back clear, yet he’s on two doses of antihistamines and one dose of steroids a day, which barely keep his symptoms at bay.  I struggle a lot less than Teddy, but I still get typical allergy issues that’ll randomly strike every now and then, so it’s a real battle trying to work out what’s going on.

The Foobot Air Quality Monitor is an interesting device that keeps an eye on your indoor air quality.  There are a few of these types of devices available, but the Foobot scrutinises and breaks down the various elements of indoor air quality, giving you a much better chance of controlling the individual factors.  The Foobot links with an app on your phone, which allows you to regularly assess the changes in air quality and act accordingly.

There are five main elements that the Foobot tracks, and these are Fine Particles, Volatile Components, Carbon Dioxide, Humidity and Temperature.  All of these elements are impacted by what’s happening in the room where the Foobot sits, so for example, cleaning, using products, stepping out of the shower or even just waking up and getting out of bed in the morning will all change the readings, which you can view in real-time.


The app is very sensible and easy to navigate, allowing you to view all individual assessments whilst you’re also presented with a figure that gives you an overall result.  The Foobot itself also glows blue if it’s happy or orange if it’s picking up on a lot of problems.  My bedroom is a bit of a disaster zone for upsetting the Foobot, as obviously I have a lot of products, I use candles, I have cats and both Teddy and I move around a lot, plus I hoover a lot to try and keep our allergies under control, so the Foobot tends to present me with negative readings quite a lot, which, if I’m honest, I struggle to decipher and know how to change, but generally speaking, opening a window nearby helps things considerably!

I obviously have something going on in my home that’s causing problems for Teddy and I and I was hoping Foobot would help me work out what it is, but I think that was expecting too much, as it isn’t able to tell me exactly what’s causing the issue, just when the issue occurs and how it changes the air quality.  With that in mind and focusing on those aspects, it’s a brilliant device that helps me to keep a close eye on the quality of the air in my bedroom and also ensures I remember to get as much clean air circulating as possible – something it’s particularly helpful with as it’ll also suggest when the best time of day to do that is.

If you’re someone who places a lot of importance on air quality then you definitely need a Foobot.  It’ll give you great clarity as to how to optimise the air around you, ensuring your home is healthier, which is so important – I think we easily focus on the outdoor air, especially those of us who live in the city, but we can easily neglect our indoor air quality, yet, in many ways, it’s probably far more important to our overall health.  Find the Foobot here – link – or you can purchase it from Amazon here – link – for £179.

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