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There was a time, not that long ago, when indie beauty often consisted of body oils, handmade soap, and little else, but thankfully the indie beauty market is now thriving, and packed full of great, interesting brands that deserve our attention.  Cottoning on to this, Feel Unique have launched their Sparks Beauty destination, which sources some of the great overseas indie brands and gives them a platform for exposure.  I attended an event recently that allowed me to find out more about the 12 brands that are so far forming the complete Spark Beauty line-up.


I’m pleased to say that there are some great make-up brands, such as Clove and Hallow, a range designed to ensure that even the most sensitive skin types can enjoy their colour products, thanks to the careful formulations using botanicals and oils. Reina Rebelde is a fun and fiery line of products that are inspired by Latina beauty, so expect strong colours and beautiful textures.  RealHer (pictured highlighter above) appears to be the make-up brand that speaks to me most, providing beautiful palettes and wearable lip and cheek colours that are clearly designed for everyday wear.


Cannabliss Organic is, as you’ve probably guessed, a range that utilises the many healing properties found in hemp oil – hemp and cannabis products are definitely having a thing at the moment! Le Prunier is an interesting sounding skincare brand built around the power of organic plums; this is new to me but I like the idea of a plum-led skincare line, since plums are deep in colour which suggests they may contain resveratrol or at least something wonderful that gives them their lovely deep colour.  No BS (pictured is the Vitamin C and E Serum) is the skincare line I’m very excited about – funky packaging, great attitude and a sensibly formulated line of basic essentials. O’o Hawaii promises highly functional skincare that works in combination with supplements and diet, to promote glowing, healthy and ageless skin.  Ogee is another lovely, organic line that focuses on jojoba oil, which is one of my all-time favourite oils – I particularly love the Sculpted Lip Oil (pictured) which is literally a solid oil lip balm.  Teadora is an impressively large line of clean beauty that makes use of Amazon Rainforest superfoods alongside Brazilian beauty secrets.


Innesense is a range of hair and body products that appear very holistic and provide things such as hair rituals and hair detox ideas.  Pistache is a lovely range of pistachio-led skin and body care that has a particularly gorgeous body butter (sachet pictured) that smells and looks incredible – mint green and fantastically fragrant.  Finally, The Sage Lifestyle isn’t actually a range based around sage, as you might expect, but instead a fragrance collection created by LA-based jewellery designer, perfume and artist Sage Machado.  All products are natural and vegan, plus the range contains a selection of both fragrances and candles.

Find Spark Beauty at Feel Unique here – link.

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