Beauty Pie Month #2 (One Month On)


Okay so it’s definitely more than a month since I purchased by second box of goodies from Beauty Pie, and shared the contents with you here, but to be honest, I’ve kind of lost a bit of enthusiasm for the products.  I think it’s mainly because I got all the ones I wanted in the first box, then I got a few that I quite fancied in the second box, now I’ve just ordered my third box and I’m a bit ‘meh’ about it all.  Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the products I have ordered are absolutely amazing – the Moonlighting Balm is possible one of my all-time favourite makeup buys and the One Powder Wonder is one of the very best setting powders I have ever tried – but there’s not much that I’m desperate to add to my collection now I’ve purchased the bits I was initially excited about.


Having said that, I think the distraction of my holiday alongside a LOT of Summer releases landing on my doorstep have given me less time to indulge my purchases, so that probably didn’t help.  A good example of that is the The Ten Best Neutral Eyeshadow Shades palette, which could not be more up my street in terms of colour and eye look possibilities, but it’s been woefully neglected since it arrived, since I’ve had quite a few other palettes to try out.  There’s the argument that if it was that exciting, I would reach for it above the others, but I don’t think that’s the case here, I think I just picked some very sensible products in my last order that will eventually become staples, just without the initial excitement…either that, or I’m just overthinking it all…


Rather ridiculously, I picked up two of the Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadow Sticks (in shades Wild Violet and Brazillionaire) thinking they would be awesome to take on holiday with me, then of course I forgot to take them with me.  Both shades are lovely and I particularly like Wild Violet, which is a neutral shade with just a hint of purple for a very subtle finish that’s entirely fine for daytime wear.  These are really good products that are easy to use, especially since they are the perfect size for application – I hate eye crayons that are too wide and end up becoming a pain to use because you can’t get them into the corner of the eye without making a mess, but thankfully these are just right, without being too small either.


The Wondergloss Lip Oil was my main disappointment in the month #2 order as it wasn’t really the sort of colour I normally go for, being a little too browny orange for my liking.  It’s a very nice product that feels great on the lips, so hopefully they’ll add more colours soon, which presumably is the plan since the have named this shade Nude Nectar, so hopefully that means more shades are on the horizon.


The Double-Sided Organic Cleansing & Exfoliating Cloths are a good example of a purchase that was sensible, if not very exciting.  These are great cloths that I really recommend, especially for anyone who wants to up the anti of their double cleansing routine.  Start with an oil and the rougher side, finish with a balm (or whatever cleanser you dig) and the flannel side, then stand back and marvel at how soft and smooth your skin is.  I will definitely pick up another pack of these when mine start to wear out.



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