QVC UK TSV: Time Bomb 4 Piece Favourites Collection


You can’t beat a QVC UK TSV, so I’m excited to share with you the Time Bomb 4 Piece Favourites Collection, which contains 4 full-sized products from the range with 75% off the original price of the products combined.  Here’s a look at what you get:


First up is the Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleanse + Buff Supersize which contains 200ml of product. This is a moisturising cleanser that contains small granules to provide a manual exfoliation, promoting cell renewal which in turn gets rid of any dullness and leaves skin glowing.  The 200ml retails for £25.


Whenever I think of Time Bomb products, I think of the amazing Complexion Cocktails (if you haven’t tried one, I really recommend checking them out as they are quite unlike anything else and a lovely way to add a little more hydration to your routine) and this, the Collagen Bomb, which was one of the first anti-ageing products I used that made me realise that anti-ageing doesn’t always mean ‘breakout-causing”…In this TSV you get a 30ml bottle which usually retails for £42.


The Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Cream is designed to address all the “telltale” signs of ageing that occur around the other obvious areas, besides your face.  The TSV includes 100ml which is normally £80.  The final product is the Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser, a fuss-free hydrator particularly well-suited to excessively dehydrated skin, this promises to soften, smooth and plump thirsty skin.  The set includes 45ml which is normally £37.  The full value of the four products comes in at £184, however, as it’s a QVC UK TSV the price is massively reduced to just £44.96 for the whole lot – so pretty much the price of the Collagen Bomb gets you four great products from the range.  The QVC UK TSV Time Bomb 4 Piece Favourites Collection is live now at QVC UK here – link.

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