A Few New ELF Skincare Launches


I quite like what ELF have done recently, having left the UK market for a short time (or at least gone very quiet…) before shouting about their return, and with good reason, since they’ve completely revamped and made themselves an entirely reputable contender in the budget/high-street beauty market, with some great options for both skincare and make-up.  The ELF range is now unbelievably vast – you’ll need a while to have a nose around the site, so it’s definitely not something you can take a quick mooch at!


The really interesting new launches from ELF, in my humble opinion, are the skincare products, since they’re obviously determined to make a name for themselves with some fairly innovative, modern and intriguing launches that you might be surprised to find in a budget line; I say budget, but the price point is a little higher than it was before, which I’m assuming is to reflect the development of the brand.  I have a few bits to show you as examples, starting with the Hydrating Bubble Mask, which is a mask that both cleanses and hydrates in a product that fizzes and pops to ensure it gets into every nook and crevice.  It’s £15 here – link.


I had the Makeup Remover Balm Stick before I went away and I am kicking myself for not taking it with me, as it’s the perfect travelling companion, especially for people like me who apparently all but give up on a skincare regime whilst on holiday.  This is literally as it sounds, a cleansing balm in a slightly solid stick form, that you can work all over your face in quick swipes, including the eye area, then remove as you would a normal cleanser.  So handy, so convenient and a very good travel buy for £9 here – link.


The ELF Booster Drops are quite a nice take on the ever-growing ‘booster skincare’ market, with four options available: the Antioxidant Booster Drops, containing vitamins C and E; the Hydrating Booster Drops that rely on vitamin E for hydration; the Clarifying Booster Drops that use Tea Tree and Witch Hazel to calm and clarify inflamed skin, and finally the Sunkissed Booster Drops, which are a little different to the other three as they allow you to add sunless tanning to your skincare routine, by adding a drop or two to your moisturiser or serum.  These are £10 each and you can find them here – link.

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  • Angela
    October 4, 2018

    Looks like an interesting lineup! I enjoyed the e.l.f. water droplet balm that I tried and would love to try out the booster drops next.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

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