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If you’re a rose fragrance fan and you like your scents to be classic, uncomplicated and just the right side of feminine, Goya Black Rose is a perfume I’d highly recommend investigating.  I always love it when a fragrance matches up well with the bottle its contained in, which I think is really well demonstrated here, as the bottle is clean, elegant and classic, just like the scent itself.

The Goya Black Rose is, as you would expect, a rose scent, that’s also slightly green too.  Having read a few reviews, the general census is that you pick up the rose followed quickly by jasmine, but sadly I’m not getting the jasmine at all, which is a real shame as I love jasmine and I think if I had picked it up more, I would probably love this fragrance a lot more.  The problem I have is that I don’t often favour rose scents – there are a few that have grabbed me in the past, but I don’t gravitate towards them, and I’m extra fussy about which ones I like.  I can smell Goya Black Rose and completely understand why so many people like it, but for me it’s just a little too sweet and a little too heavy on the rose – of course, fragrance is so personal and the two things that I like least about this scent can easily be what many would like most, but for me, it’s just not doing it.  If you like a strong, impactful, heady rose scent that’s sweet and juicy, the Goya Black Rose is a lovely fragrance to try.  Find it here – link – for £49.99 for 100ml.

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