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After the initial excitement for my Beauty Pie orders I’ve toned it right down recently, leaving a bit of space between the orders and letting my allowance build-up, so I could feel a bit less limited on what I can buy, without having to increase my monthly limit.  I think I mentioned in my previous posts that there’s not a lot on there that’s grabbing me at the moment, so it’s tricky to build-up enthusiasm, even though the products I am getting are very good – reliably good quality and very, very impressive.  Here’s a look at what I got for my third order:


Having proclaimed my lack of enthusiasm, I do have to give a bit of love to the Pro-Strobe Luminizer as MY GOD that is a pretty looking highlighter, isn’t it? Just seeing it makes me want to immediately dip my brush in and start adding glow.  It’s in shade Beaming, although there don’t currently appear to be any other shades.  It’s here – link – for £6.59 (£24 for non members). I also went for a Smart Powder Blush, and I’ll probably pick up one or two more shades soon.  The shade above is Peachy Dreams and you can find it here – link – for £4.22 (£18 for non-members).


I kept hearing great things about Beauty Pie mascaras, so I went for the Flash False Lash Mascara, which comes with a tiny wand that lets you get into every nook to coat every lash.  It’s £3.48 here – link – non-members pay £20.  Now I’m mostly reaching for lighter coverage bases, I decided to try the Incrediblur Instant Retouching Foundation as it sounds like it could be quite an interesting base product – I haven’t tried it yet, but I liked the other Beauty Pie foundation (review here) so I have high hopes.  I went for shade 100 Ivory as that’s my shade in the other base products.  It’s here – link – for £4.92 (non-members pay £24).


Finally, I decided to get involved with some Beauty Pie skincare and try the Japanfusion Deep Treatment Serum, as at the time of ordering, I was using some pretty heavy duty actives, so I wanted something a bit more hydrating and soothing that could work alongside my routine.  I will say that this gave me spots, so I had to give up on it quite quickly, but if you’re not spot-prone then it’s a lovely serum that feels light yet hydrating and pretty perfecting.  It’s £8.15 here – link – but non-members would pay £75.

I’ll be writing reviews on the actual products very soon.

*Purchased by me


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