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Cinch are a very cute skincare brand that have launched with just three products.  The packaging is pink and girly, the products multi-use, and the price point very reasonable.  I’ve been trying out all three for the past few weeks and have found myself reaching for two out of three products on a very regular basis – find out which two below!

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Face It (£12) is a 5-in-1 micellar solution housed in a pump-action bottle.  It’s a really, really good micellar that cuts right through stubborn mascara and face make-up quickly and effectively.  I’m normally a bit of a cleanse obsessive, starting with a micellar, then finishing with a double cleanse, but I’ve actually cut that down to just this and one other cleanser afterwards, as it really is good enough at removing all make-up without stripping skin or leaving it feeling dry.

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Face Cheat (£23) is an interesting sounding product that promises 72 hours of hydration after a single spray.  If you have skin that gets very dry then I would take this promise with a pinch of salt, as whilst all three products are great, they’re all pretty superficial from what I can tell, so I don’t think any of them will be working away at a cellular level, but that really doesn’t matter as what they do really well is make surface skin look fab.  The Face Cheat adds a touch of glow, but out of the three products it’s the one I’m reaching for least of all.

Cinch Face Cheater ReviewPIN IT

The final product is the Face Cheat(er) (£23) which again promises 72 hours of moisturisation.  I haven’t found it to do that, but what I have found it to provide is a phenomenal glow to the skin that’s like a really good, illuminating primer that’s hydrating whilst looking and feeling amazing on the skin – if this had an SPF it would be pretty much the perfect morning moisturiser, but as it stands it needs a layer of SPF on top.

Find all three products here – link.

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  • Gillian Helen
    November 20, 2018

    loooove the packaging, have never heard of this brand but something i will certainly do a bit more research on.

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