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Brow Launches 2018PIN IT

There are so many awesome brow launches recently, and as someone who is basically a bit crap at doing brows, I lap up any newness that might take my fancy.  There really is something for everyone at the moment, depending on whether you like a really polished, “Instagram” brow, or you’re more like me and just want brows that look a little more refined and a little less sparse.

L'Oreal High Contour Brow Pencil and Highlighter Duo ReviewPIN IT

I really rate the L’Oreal brow products because they have gone out of their way to ensure that all shades are covered, so if you need a really ashy tone for your brows (which actually a lot of people do, yet so many brow products lean warm – why?!) then they have your back.  The recently launched L’Oreal High Contour Brow Pencil and Highlighter Duo is a clever product that contains a brow pencil at one end and a creamy pencil highlighter at the other end.

PIN IT From top to bottom: Warm Blonde, Cool Blonde, Cool Brunette


What’s particularly fab about these is that the highlighters are colours that correspond with the brow shade, so the warmer shades get more golden tones, whilst the cooler brow colours get more silvery colours, which is such a nice touch.  The three shades above are, starting from the top, Warm Blonde, Cool Blonde and Cool Brunette.  Cool Blonde is perfect for me in every way and I absolutely love it, but the Cool Brunette is also surprisingly wearable for me.  These are £7.99 each and there are six shades available here – link.

Diorshow All Day brow Ink and Volumizing Mascara ReviewPIN IT

I used my Boots points to pick up a couple of the new Dior brow bits, starting with the Diorshow All-Day Brow Ink, which is a interesting product that promises long-term, tattoo-like definition.  I also picked up the Diorshow Bold Brow Instant Volumizing Brow Mascara as I liked the fact that the Light shade was nice and cool-toned, as is the case for the Brow Ink too.


The Brow Ink comes with a kind of slanted sponge tip application which can allow you to build-up a really strong finish, although, unlike many other similar tattoo products, this isn’t something you apply and then wash off, instead you use it in a more traditional fashion.  Out of the two, the Brow Mascara is definitely my favourite, as it took me ages to find a brow mascara that wasn’t too warm and therefore clashed with my ashy brow hair.  The lightest shade in this is a great choice for anyone who likes a nice and natural finish.  The Brow Ink is £22 here – link – and the Brow Mascara is also £22 here – link.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Master Ink Pen ReviewPIN IT

I’ve put these two products together because they’re basically the same thing: the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Master Ink Pen and the Avon mark. Brow Tattoo Micro Styler.  Both of these are brow pens with three dotted nibs in a line that allow you to draw three lines rather than one, so you can quickly and effectively fill in your brows with a trio of strokes, giving you, fuller and thicker looking brows.

Avon Mark Brow Tattoo Micro Styler ReviewPIN IT

The Maybelline pen has a better shade range, however, I don’t know if I picked up one that had been used, but it was such a hassle to get any product to come out and the result was a very light coverage that didn’t really do much.  The Avon mark. Micro Styler wasn’t a good shade match for me – the shade Blonde is far too warm – but the product payoff was a lot better.  The Maybelline one is £9.99 here – link – and the Avon mark. one is currently £6.50 here – link.

Etmore Forever Fibres ReviewPIN IT

Finally, the Etmore Forever Fibre Brows were featured in my recent Love List because they’re the the sort of product that suits me perfectly: easy to use with maximum payoff, you’re left with brows that look far neater and more impressive than you ever thought you’d be capable of achieving.  The shade range isn’t great (just two shades, currently) but I really do love this product and I hope they add more shades soon.

PIN IT From top to bottom: Etmore Forever Fibre Brows in Light to Medium, Diorshow All Day Brow Ink in Blonde, Diorshow Volumizing Brow Mascara in Blonde, Maybelline Tattoo Brow Master Ink in Medium Brown, Avon mark. Brow Tattoo Micro Styler in Blonde.


I will give a full review shortly, but just to give you an overview, these are fibres that form a kind of pomade that gives your brows a really natural, diffused level of definition that’s just brilliant to work with.  Get yours for £8.99 here – link.

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