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I really do love Christmas candles so much; I don’t feel like anything is properly “Christmassy” unless there’s a Christmas fragrance burning away in the background.  Candles tap into the often neglected sense of smell, a sense that I particularly find so evocative when it comes to needing to quickly feel a certain way – I never feel quite as excited about Christmas as I do when I’m wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and burning my favourite Christmas candle.  With that in mind, let’s look at some great options for this year, of which there are quite a few:


There are some great budget options this year, starting with the Cinnamon and Orange Glass Candle from Cancer Research (£2.49 here – link) which will allow you to get your Christmas on and give to charity at the same time.  The fragrance is light yet festive and perfect for burning during the Christmas dinner.  The Avon Winter Spice candles are truly lovely and incredibly Christmassy (I fear I’ll be using that word quite a bit in this post…) wit very impressive throw – think traditionally warm with notes of spicy fruit that really is all about Christmas.  You can get the mini candle on the right for £3.60 (here – link) or the larger candle in the middle for £6.50 here – link.  I’ll happily admit that the Winter Spice candle was the first one I got stuck-in to, as for me, it really does smell like Christmas.


The Fireside candle from Noble Isle is a smoky little number perfect for anyone who wants the Christmas vibe but doesn’t want to go down the traditional spicy fruit or fir tree route.  Fireside is warm, comforting and woody, and what’s great about this scent is that it’ll carry you through the colder months without leaving you feeling like you’re burning a Christmas candle in February.  It’s £39 here – link – and it comes with a snuffer too.  The Holiday Winter Forest Glass Tumbler from Live in the Light is another great example of the sort of fragrance that you can use as a Christmas candle, as well as a general winter candle, thanks to it’s light, woody notes.  It’s £17.50 here – link.


When you think of candles in general, I’d put money on most of you thinking of Yankee Candle, if not immediately then at least in the following few moments.  Yankee Candle are so great at delivering amazing, punchy fragrances in beautiful displays – just look at those two stunners! Not only do they come with a lid that you can then use as a base for the glass candle holder (practical AND pretty) but the throw of these scents is amazing – I haven’t even burnt the Holiday Pomegranate scent, but my bedroom definitely smells like it! If you like a warm and fruity fragrance minus the spice, the Holiday Pomegranate is the scent for you – cherry, apple, vanilla and, of course, pomegranate, give this a big burst of surprisingly festive fruitiness that’s just lovely.  I love, love, loooove it.  The pictured large 2 wick candle is currently reduced to £19.19 here – link. If you’re like me and tend to put up a fake tree at Christmas, the Frosted Fir scent will give you that true-to-life fir fragrance – it’s so genuine and really does smell like the real thing.  Find it here – link – for £19.19 – there are various sizes of both fragrances available.

Diptyque Christmas Candles 2018PIN IT

Finally, for me, it just isn’t Christmas without an entire Diptyque collection leaving me full of desire – I always want everything as the whole thing does it for me; the beautifully festive and traditional packaging, the mix of joyful, carefully created scents and the colours too, it’s all just so spot-on.  The three Christmas fragrances this year are Exquisite Almond (red), Amber Balm (blue) and Pine Tree of Light (green).  One of the many things I love about Diptyque Christmas candles is the fact that they always offer something a little different, taking traditionally Christmas scents and putting their own beautiful spin on them.  Amber Balm is my favourite, providing a light, comforting, wintery fragrance of vanilla, benzoin and lavender, that really is very Christmassy, but I can’t work out why! It’s £53 here – link. Finally, the Pine Tree of Light is probably the most “typically Christmas” fragrance of the three, thanks to the notes of fir and cedar – it’s fresh, light and soothing. It’s also £30 here – link.

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