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I am obsessed with Korean skincare at the moment, I just cannot get enough and I’m really enjoying trying all sorts of new products and ranges, such as the It’s Skin Cica Calming trio, which has become a go-to collection for me as it’s a lovely edit of calming, soothing products that all contain various levels of Centella Asiatica, a therapeutic herb that provides an impressive host of benefits, most of which focus on repairing and maintaining the skin barrier.  It’s an ingredient that’s particularly well suited to those who are prone to breakouts and/or have issues with sensitivity, so that’s me all over, especially after my various NY binges…

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I’ll start with the It’s Skin Tiger Cica Calming Cleanser, which was a surprise for me as I very rarely like to use foaming cleansers (I think they’re particularly bad for breakout-prone skin types, ironic consider that’s who they’re usually aimed at) but there are occasional foaming cleansers that make the grade and this one is particularly lovely to use.  It’s silky, fresh and light on the skin, but the biggest surprise is that there’s no tightness after use.  It’s a very gentle product that I would recommend to anyone who likes the squeaky-clean feel but knows that skin shouldn’t squeak – this’ll give you that feeling of well-cleansed without stripping the skin.  It’s £20.99 here – link.

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The It’s skin Tiger Cica Cleansing Water is my least favourite of the trio.  It’s a nice enough product that’s cooling and refreshing, but for the price point I was hoping for a little more.  It has a very annoyingly screw-top lid too, which is fiddly and small, but it is attractive, so that’s something! It does work really well as part of the trio and if you’re like me and enjoy a good toner then it’s nice enough, but I do think there are better ones at lower price points.  It’s £22.99 here – link.

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If you just buy one product from the range, make it the It’s Skin Tiger Cica Calming Serum as it’s joy in a perfectly crafted, pump-top bottle.  This is cooling, soothing, lightly hydrating and really pleasant to use; it leaves skin looking and feeling considerably calmer and it slots into all sorts of skincare routines.  I tend to do a day of actives, then a day of calming products, and keep switching my evening routine back and forth to try and keep it balanced, but even on my ‘actives’ day I’ve found myself slipping this into the routine whenever I can as it really is lovely.  I also like to use it straight after a bath or shower (when my skin can feel especially tight from the heat) and it really does relax my skin and make it feel so much better.  I also think this would be an amazing product for younger skin types that are struggling with breakouts as I think this could work in place of a moisturiser to hydrate and sooth inflamed skin.  I’m so impressed and I’ll be keeping this bad boy in my collection.  It’s £25.99 here – link – and a little goes a long way.

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