OPI Tokyo Collection

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I was hugely excited when I first got wind of the OP Tokyo Collection, as I think Tokyo is such a great inspiration for a nail edit – when thinking of Tokyo I think of brights, acids, neons and lots and lots of colour! The OPI Tokyo is fun, bright very heavy on the pinks, so if you’re like me and really a good pink nail, they’ve got you covered with several takes on baby, berry and fuchsia pink, as well as some gorgeous blues and purples, as well as a hit of acid orange and a muted baby yellow.


I attended the launch event for the OPI Tokyo collection, where there was a machine that asked you a series of questions before presenting you with a four-polish edit of the best colours for you from the collection.  It was obviously a bit of fun, but also eerily accurate! My set included Chopstix and Stones – the shade I went for on the night when I got my nails done, before finding out what was in the box, Rice Rice Baby, which was the pink I most wanted in the edit, and Samurai Breaks a Nail – my sort of purple that I always go for when working a purple nail.  I also had I’m on a Sushi Roll, which is like a wildcard shade for me, and the four together could not have been more me – very impressive, scary psychic machine!

OPI Tokyo SwatchesPIN IT

There really some great shades in the OPI Tokyo collection and it’s very much my sort of thing, as it’s colourful and pink heavy.  Some of my other favourites include Another Ramen-tic Evening – a pretty, baby pink and Arigato from Tokyo, a gorgeous berry cream that I might have to add to my collection very soon!

OPI Tokyo SwatchesPIN IT

Out of the four shades I have, I think Chopstix and Stones is probably my favourite, as it’s a gorgeous navy shot through with royal blue glitter; I’m a sucker for a navy nail and this is a lovely take on it, that isn’t too dull or heavy. Rice Rice Baby is a pinky-lilac cream that I’m wearing now and it’s really pretty and very wearable.  It’s muted enough for everyday wear too.  I’m On a Sushi Roll is one of those shades that I love the look of but probably wouldn’t wear that often – it’s a creamy, muted turquoise that really is lovely, but I think I’d probably be more likely to use this as a pedicure shade.  Finally Samurai Breaks a Nail is not only awesomely named, it’s also another great version of a traditional shade – this creamy, sparkly purple has a slight holographic finish to it, giving nails a bluish tinge in certain light.  It’s a very cool shade.

*Find the full collection here*

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