Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face Roller

Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face RollerPIN IT

Occasionally something will show up online that I know is going to cause a lot of excitement, which is exactly what I thought would be the case with the Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face Roller when it first popped-up on their Instagram feed.  Consequently I kept my eye on the Beauty Pie site to see when it would become available, then last week, Caroline Hirons posted about its imminent arrival and I started refreshing the “accessories” page on Beauty Pie like a mad woman. On Wednesday morning it finally launched, the site went down, I panicked, then eventually managed to place an order and a couple of days later it arrived.

Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face RollerPIN IT

I’ll be honest, I was hoping to dislike the Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face Roller as it looks like something from out of space, and I thought it might be at risk of having more style than substance.  After having it for a few short days, I can say with confidence that is definitely not the case – this is a powerful, extremely well made facial roller that leaves all the others standing.  The Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face Roller is designed to provide several uses, such as relaxation and reduction muscle tension, anti-puffiness and help with product absorption.  I’ll focus in on that last bit, “product absorption”, as I think that’s the clue as to how this is supposed to be used; I think we’re supposed to use it after product application, although I’ve used it before and after and I actually think that it works better on a clean face – this all very much depends on how powerful you want the massage to be – without product it grips skin impressively and the massage is very powerful!

Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face RollerPIN IT

As you’d expect, you use the Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face Roller by rolling it around your face.  The rollers work together to grip the skin and they really do grip it – a firmer pressure ensures a really good grip, whereas a lighter one just gently kneads the surface.  Use it with oil for a very gentle massage, or before product application for a really strong knead.  I like the strong massage with no product, although I’ll point out that I go very red – not ‘inflammation red’ just a red that looks like my skin has received a good pummelling; I can use strong actives straight afterwards and skin doesn’t feel sensitive or tender.

Beauty Pie Uplifting Microcurrent Face RollerPIN IT

The Microcurrent element is interesting, as you can just about see the panels in the top picture that apparently use light-based energy to provide the currents, so you don’t have to charge it, as such, you just need to be sure to leave it somewhere where it will get some light.  I definitely felt something a bit sparky when I first used it, but I haven’t since, so I clearly need to adjust the position of where I leave it.  It also comes with a cleaning cloth and a travel pouch.  Sometimes I’m a bit dubious about the proclaimed Beauty Pie value prices of the products which are touted as the main selling point of having a membership, but this device is incredibly well made and definitely the sort of thing I could see costing a small fortune elsewhere.  Beauty Pie lists this as having a value of £100, but subscribers get it for £34.33 which is a very good price for a product that really does live up to its promises, is sturdy and strong so will likely last a while, and doesn’t need any maintenance.  Of course it’s currently out of stock and there is a wait list for the next batch, but if you’re in the market for a facial roller then this is the one you need!

Beauty Pie Shimmer Bar Sugar DripPIN IT

I also picked up a couple of other bits in my Beauty Pie order, the Shimmer Bar in Sugar Drip and the Future Lipstick Luxe Shine in shade Pinkyum.  The Sugar Drip shade of the Shimmer Bar has been sitting in my basket for a while and I’m glad I got it as it really is lovely.  Beauty Pie have the most fantastic “all over glow” products so I had high hopes for this one and it didn’t disappoint; expect incredibly natural glow with just a hint of warming colour that can be used all over, just on the cheeks or even just on the eyes.

Beauty Pie Shimmer Bar Sugar DripPIN IT

The Pinkyum shade of the Future Lipstick Luxe Shine was a bit of a disappointment as it was a completely different shade to what I was expecting, but having said that, it’s still a really nice, cool-toned berry number and I absolutely love the formula of the Luxe Shine lippies, which are buttery and smoothing whilst still fairly long-lasting for such a a hydrating product, and honestly, for less than a fiver, you’d struggle to go wrong.  I’ll be placing another Beauty Pie order very soon as I have my eye on some brow bits and bobs.

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  • Siobhán
    April 1, 2019

    When I saw Caroline Hirons raving about this last week, I was instantly intrigued! Sounds like a great tool xx

    • Sascha
      April 5, 2019

      It really is an interesting product – too soon for me to work out whether it does anything other than relax my muscles, but even that alone makes it worthwhile! xx

  • Gemma Etc. ❥ (@GemmaEtc)
    April 5, 2019

    I really want to try this, it sounds so intriguing xx

    • Sascha
      Gemma Etc. ❥ (@GemmaEtc)
      April 5, 2019

      It’s a really interesting device xx

  • Claire
    April 5, 2019

    i’m really curious to try this tool ! it looks really interesting !

  • karen
    April 10, 2019

    thanks for your in depth reviews! i got one of these [instead of sleeping ;)], and so far i really think my skin loves it–but it’s far too soon to know about any results from the microcurrent–that’s 6-8 weeks of daily use i believe. thus i think my skin is benefiting from the product absorption aspects–and perhaps i’m waiting a bit longer between steps, as i tend to use it after each things: after washing face, after exfoliation, after essence, after serum, and moisturizer. this helps me get the suggest 5 minutes without actually having to do it in 5 minutes all at once–lots of boring repetitions there! when i first began i ran it back and forth, but a friend suggested only running it in the upward motion, so im attempting that now. love to hear in a couple months what you think!

    • Sascha
      April 11, 2019

      That’s really interesting, thanks so much! I’ll definitely give that a go – I’m treading carefully at the mo as I’ve just moved up to a stronger retinol and I don’t want to upset my skin, but I will try easing it in to some of the other steps in my routine to see how that goes xx

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